man with a bad breath smell

In this blog, I will share some of the proven ways to get rid of bad weed breath. The beauty is that some of these ways are easy and accessible. When you need these bad-weed breath cures, walk to a store and come out smelling better.

Let’s look at the 10 best ways on how to get rid of weed breath

1. Make use of chewing gums and mints

Whether you smoked, inhaled, or chewed marijuana, your breath will stink. For many marijuana users, mints are the first thing that comes to mind when they want to cover their breath.
After using marijuana, chew mints would be ideal. Many mints on the market have strong scents and flavors to disguise your breath. The next time you want to speak to your neighbor, ensure you don’t scare them with bad weed breath.

pack of chewing gum with a little face

2. Brush your teeth

You can refresh your breath after smoking weed by simply brushing your teeth. The scents of many tubes of toothpaste on the market can be good at masking the smell of weed on your breath. Usually, the problem is some weed smokers wait too long to brush their teeth after smoking weed. If you take too long, the breath worsens, and it will not be easy to eliminate when it comes.

brushing teeth

3. Gargle with mouthwash

Apart from maintaining good dental hygiene, mouthwash can keep your breath fresh. When you hear someone ask, “Does smoking weed cause bad breath?” or "How to get rid of weed breath?". You know for sure that person has never tasted weed. The answer is it does. If you smoke anything, your breath will smell of it. However, you can eliminate it by gargling regularly using mouthwash. Be warned that with mouthwash, you need to find a place where you can spit after gargling. This is usually not easy, especially if you are not at your home. In that case, you can try the “mouthwash” gel strips on sale at some markets. Weed breath spray is also a good and fast solution. Worth a shot!

cannabis leaf drinking mouthwash

4. Use vodka

A mouthful of good vodka can help to mask the smell of weed on your breath. For many years, heavy weed smokers have battled pungent weed odors using a sip of vodka. Alternatively, you can put a spoonful of baking soda into a glass of water and gargle the mixture. We do not recommend you do this if you are driving any vehicle! No matter what we recommend, you must always know when and shouldn’t do something. Never operate a motor vehicle after having any alcohol. Even if you spit it out, never get involved with operating a vehicle.

5. Eat an apple immediately after smoking weed

Let’s look at another way to eliminate weed breath. For this suggestion, you will need to get rid of bad breath from weed, and you will need to eat an apple immediately after smoking marijuana. An apple is one of the few foods known for its ability to mask certain odors, such as the ones from smoking weed.
Polyphenols in certain fruits, such as apples, are good at masking the compounds responsible for causing bad mouth odors. As such, it is prudent to fill your kitchen cabinet with apples, among other fruits.

man eating apple slices

6. Drink coffee

Although the smell of marijuana may turn off many of your close friends, it may be different when you cover it with a coffee drink. The smell of ground dark roasted coffee is more acceptable when compared to weed. If you can make infused coffee, the better. But even a normal cup of coffee can go a long way in eliminating weed’s bad breath. When you are done making that cup of coffee, why not use the grounds for fertilizer if you are growing your marijuana?

man drinking coffee

7. Eat more citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are nutritious and a good source of natural sugar. In addition, citrus fruits prevent scurvy and facilitate saliva production, which in turn helps in the neutralization of bad breath.

open mouth with citrus fruits around it

8. Suck a lozenge

Like mints, mouthwash, and gums, tablets can be good at fighting bad breath that may be brought on by smoking weed. The good thing about tablets is that you can carry as many as you may want, and you don’t need to find a litter bin to dispose of after sucking one.

9. Apply lip gloss

Are you still wondering if marijuana smoking causes bad breath? Well, stoners are battling with bad breath after smoking weed daily. Interestingly, you can now apply a lip gloss after smoking weed to help mask the smell.
Although this method is gender-discriminative, it is one of the best in dealing with pot smell. However, you must know that putting on chapstick will not completely remove bad breath. According to those who’ve used it, they say that the method works by covering the resin odor, which may have rested on your lips.

woman smoking a joint and putting on lipstick

You may need to incorporate the application of lip gloss or chapstick with other methods that have been discussed here.

10. Eat food

Eating food immediately after smoking weed is an effective way of getting rid of bad weed breath. It may not seem effective but think about it.
If smoking weed causes your breath to smell bad, what will happen to your breath after eating a delicious meal? The simple answer is that your breath will likely smell like what you’ve eaten. It can be a delicious pizza, gummy bear, cake, or cereal. Besides, you might want to cover the food with tuna, garlic, peanut butter, or other spices. In any of these cases, the point is you will be giving your breath a freshen-up aside from the bad weed odor.
Some people suggest that oyster is good at masking the smell of weed breath. You can also try oysters to see how they can help cover bad marijuana odor.

man smoking, eating, and drinking

Final thoughts

Does smoking weed give you bad breath? Does weed cause bad breath? I’m sure you’ve got not only the answers to those two questions but also learned 10 practical ways to deal with marijuana breath that is not friendly to the people that you speak to. Remember, all the ways discussed here are readily available to all of us.