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Before I go any further, I would firstly like to say that hotboxing, while fun, involves oxygen deprivation – this is nothing to joke about. So please, before you try this activity, make sure everybody’s feeling okay first and knows they can leave if they need to. Always take care of your friends.

Now, without further ado, here’s a stoners guide to hotboxing:

What is hotboxing?

It’s pretty simple really. Essentially, hotboxing involves smoking marijuana in a small, enclosed space (like a bathroom, or a tent) so that the smoke is able to fill the entire area. the result of this is pretty amazing, allowing a whole group of people to get high from what is pretty much just passive smoke.

Doing it properly

The first and most important thing to think about when you’re planning a hotbox session is the location of the whole thing. First off, do you have permission? One of the worst things I can think of is hotboxing a friend’s bathroom without permission and one of their parents walking in or something. Trust me, you don’t want that. You should also take space into consideration, will there be enough room for everyone? Plan these things out in advance.

Who and what should be included?

Obviously, a chilled-out group of experienced smokers is ideal – the last thing you want is somebody being out of their depth and freaking out. Make sure you invite people with a positive and optimistic attitude. Incorporating snacks is a cool idea too, maybe ask everyone to bring something different and you could have a big stoner banquet. Of course, junk food is a must, but the fruit tastes surprisingly amazing when you’re baked, so maybe opt for some bananas or peaches too.

What is hawaiian hotboxing?

Whether Hawaiian or Jamaican, hotboxing is both pretty much the same thing. In short, Hawaiian, and Jamaican, hotboxing is when an individual or a group of friends sit together to smoke cannabis in an enclosed place, usually a bathroom and take advantage of the steam from hot water. You turn on a hot shower, which makes the small enclosure foggy and more humid. These two things spice up the feeling of being high while smoking weed.

Can you hotbox with a vape?

Absolutely! It is possible to smoke weed using a vape. If you have never used an electronic vaporizer it is high time you tried to enjoy your cannabis using this gadget.

Remember, modern electronic cigars have the ability to turn whatever liquid weed into vapor within a few minutes thus making the potency of secondhand smoke much higher. Because of this, you should rest assured that it is possible to conduct a hotbox using a vape.

How to get rid of the smell after hotboxing

While smoking weed is a joyful activity that many of us fancy, the challenge is when you want to get rid of the smell after hotboxing. The small and enclosed structure, car, or cubicle is meant to increase secondhand high smoke concentration to reach all in the room whether you take part in the primary smoking or not. Besides, it helps prevent the escape of weed smoke.

However, there comes a time you want to get rid of the smell. There are many ingenious ways to do this but not all these ways produce the same results. Some methods are effective but take a long time, while others offer mild effects. Mild remedies mean you will smell it hours after you smoked.

One of the ingenious ways is to apply a freshener in the room. Although a freshener will be effective, it will not be as effective as natural air. Therefore, after you have finished your Hawaiian hotboxing session, open the door and the windows of your bathroom.

Using the same hot water that gave you the needed steam when you started the exercise, turn it on and let water flow for some minutes. Open the doors and the windows wide as the water flows. Pressure water does better. Doing this in a car or other room can also work.

Chewing mint gums can also help your mouth smell fresh. Changing your clothes and taking a shower is another exceptional way to get rid of the smell after smoking weed.

As always, stay safe, and happy smoking!