We all know what a cannabis plant looks like. But which parts does the plant actually consist of? If you look closely at the flower tops you see all the beautiful details.

Marijuana grows on long stems, on which large iconic leaves grow from areas called knots. What really stands out about the cannabis plant are the flower tops, which have many beautiful and unique variations.

We all know what a cannabis plant looks like. But which parts does the plant actually consist of? Let's take a closer look at our favorite plant.

Cannabis Plant Anatomy

The Cola

The Cola is a cluster of buttons. These buttons are firmly connected to each other and they connect to each other. There are small Colas that sit on the lower branches. The most important and largest Cola is at the top of the plant.

The reproductive parts of the cannabis flower are in the pestle. Hair strands are attached to the pestle are called stigmas. Stigmas collect the pollen from the male plant. If the weed plant is young, the stigma's color is white, but when the plant grows older, the color changes to yellowish-brown and sometimes red.

Stigmas are important for the propagation of the cannabis plant, but they contribute little to taste and potency.

Front cover and Calyx

A bract encapsulates the reproductive parts of the female plant. They are a kind of green leaves that are covered with resin glands that produce a lot of cannabinoids.


Trichomes are very small, but you can't miss the crystal resin layer on a marijuana bud. The resin is released through translucent, mushroom-shaped glands on the leaves, stems, and chalices. When these trichomes are dry, this weed dust is called 'kief'.

Trichomes are actually a natural repellant the plant uses to arm itself against invaders like predators. Trichomes provide an oily aroma called terpenes, as well as cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Hash is also made from the powerful, sugary resin that trichomes produce.