All pure cannabis strains are originally from a certain region. It is the basic strains that are pure and not yet have been crossed. These strains that are native to a certain area are called landrace strains.

These landrace strains have adapted to the climate and weather conditions in which they grow. They are strong and very consistent plants. Landrace cannabis strains are 100% Sativa or 100% Indica.

Searching for a landrace strain is like treasure hunting. The value of such a pure and unspoiled strain is worth a lot to cannabis breeders. These landrace cannabis strains are the purest strains you can get.

Landrace cannabis strains are pure Sativa strains or Indica strains.

Landrace strains do not occur in every area of ​​the world. These original, native plants are very rare and that is why cannabis enthusiasts like to track them down.

These adventurers are also called Strain Hunters. They travel the world in search of unspoiled cannabis strains.

Untouched cannabis landrace strains

Every cannabis enthusiast has an interest in a landrace strain that is so rare. Long ago people already knew how special a real cannabis landrace strain is.

From the 1960s, people started looking for and collecting landrace strains to cultivate them. These cannabis strains were taken home (to Amsterdam and California) to breed and crossbreed with other weed strains. These are called heirloom strains.

Today, cannabis connoisseurs are still searching for the perfect, untouched cannabis landrace strains in every corner of the earth.

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