Controversies Surrounding Cannabis

The’re many controversies surrounding the use of cannabis. One of those is based on the fact that weed is a drug that causes addiction. Many folks use it to get stimulated to respond to pleasures such as sex, food and entertainment. Medical experts warn that the plant alters the mind making the user hyperactive, elusive, and addicted. This can lead the mind to commit crimes like murder and irresponsible behavior. Besides that, it's harmful to the body. 

When weed is consumed, the main ingredient THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) spreads in the bloodstream within seconds. This brings about a high feeling to the user, and it may take up to four hours to wear off. The thinking and reasoning get distorted by heightening the senses resulting in impaired judgment. Medics have warned that weed use also heightens or decreases anxiety, causes memory loss, bronchitis, red eyes, weakened immune system and increased pulse rate. Another adverse effect is the inability to make a proper judgment.  

Despite this negativity, cannabis is known for its medicinal value. Sometimes conventional medicines fail to relieve patients' chronic pain due to diseases like cancer and severe injury. Cannabis extracts have been shown to aid in reducing extreme pain. The active compound, THC, is an ingredient for a legal medication known as Marinol, which is used to treat and control nausea and vomiting in cancer chemotherapy patients. It is usually an alternative when other drugs fail to control vomiting. The same is used to control weight loss in HIV patients by improving their appetites. 

Cannabis is a science beyond controversy, pushing several states on the crossroad as to whether they want to legalize its production and consumption. Organizations in many countries are coming out publicly to support Marijuana law reforms. For example, DPA (Drug Policy Alliance) advocates for removing weed from the criminal justice structures. The organization believes that the state and federal levels should legalize weed to protect patients' rights to access medicine efficiently.

DPA says that the use of weed alleviates pain and suffering without causing debilitating side effects and contraindications. Diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, and AIDs inflict the body with severe pain, which can be relieved using extracts from this magic plant. In the United States, advanced research is going on to unravel the plant's medicinal value. 

That is not all. Countries such as Uruguay, Netherlands, Israel, Canada, The Czech Republic and Spain are now leading cannabis researchers in the world. It's no doubt that weed is going to become the world's most sought-after herb. The dark cloud of controversy surrounding the production and consumption of cannabis is becoming clearer, especially because its support is becoming a global affair. 

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