Recently two men were caught growing weed in Kent, United Kingdom because the smell of marijuana coming from the rooms they had rented was so strong. If you have ever been in the proximity of a grow room without a filtration system then you know how obvious and potent the smell of bud can be. Even though growers may love to inhale the scent of their budding garden, filtration systems are necessary for the indoor grower to keep their plants safe from being detected by house guests or nosey neighbors.

One of the simplest things you can do is to avoid growing a strain with a particularly skunkiness smell to it like Skunk or Cheese (although you'd be missing out on some pretty dope bud). A strain that is low odor-producing is the South African Sativa strain Durban Poison. Another good choice would be Northern Lights. This strain has a light, sweet smell that is not overpowering.

Often not enough to keep the air free of weed smell

Although choosing a strain with a low odor is a good step to protecting your setup, it is often not enough to keep the air free of weed smell. Another obstacle may be that you already in the midst of growing your skunky crop and need to get rid of the odor quickly. There are different methods to control the cannabis smell depending on the size of your crop.

Burning incense, lighting smelly candles, using bathroom sprays, or turning on the air purifier is not going to do the trick, not even for 1 plant. The smell of flowering bud or bud curing is potent and cannot easily be eliminated.

If you just have a couple of plants growing in your closet then there is an easy, low cost, and effective way to control the odor. A product called Ona will save you. Ona is a gel substance that was originally used to control the stink inside sewage facilities. Because it worked so well at neutralizing odors, it became available to the average consumer. It works quite effectively at controlling odors of a few plants, however, it only works for a short period of time like 4-6 weeks. Don't dabble with different flavors of Ona as the original scent seems to work best. Also, be sure NOT to put Ona products in the same room as your crop. This product is meant to be used outside of your grow room as it can reduce or change the smell of your buds.

One of the most popular, reliable, and effective ways to control cannabis odor is a carbon filter, a.k.a. carbon scrubbers. If you're growing more than just a couple plants or the few plants that you are growing are super skunky then you need a carbon filter to get the job done.

Completely neutralized

Carbon filters work by using activated carbon to chemically pull out the smells and impurities from the air that is pushed through the filter. The air that comes through the filter is completely neutralized. A carbon filter will ensure that skunky cannabis odors don't end up seeping through into the hall of your apartment building or over to your neighbor's house.

In order for a carbon filter to work, you will have to set up a situation in which the air from your grow room is either being pushed or pulled through the filtration system. Therefore, you should integrate the filter with your exhaust system. You exhaust system is a fan that will be drawing hot air away from your plants and into the filter so that the air becomes neutralized.

Carbon filtration units last a very long time. However, you will need to change out the activated carbon from time to time, but it is relatively inexpensive. It is an investment well worth it.

Be aware of where you put the vent if you are venting outside of your building. It's best to vent the air out as high as possible as hot air tends to rise. Also, if you have close neighbors or foot traffic then you should vent on a private side of your building.

Containing the smell of fresh bud is, unfortunately, something many growers need to do in order to keep their crops from being discovered. Managing cannabis odor can easily be done if you have the right equipment and is certainly worth the investment.