Just how much water does a marijuana plant need until harvest time reaches? That is the biggest question you and I need to know especially if you are planning to venture into weed growing.

It is common sense to believe that like human beings, plants too need water. Marijuana, being a crop needs water for survival. To have health crops, you need to ensure they have sufficient water throughout the year until you harvest them.

Nonetheless, excessive water is also dangerous to crops. Whether you grow your marijuana outdoors, indoors, or inside a greenhouse, too much water will hinder their growth and finally spoil the harvest. For that reason, it is a matter of urgency to ask, how much water does weed plant need in their life?

If you ask a novice marijuana grower how much water does a weed plant need, the answer would shock you. Although chances are they may have done some studies, experience is the good teacher. An inexperienced marijuana grower with knowledge on various marijuana strains may not necessarily have sufficient knowledge on what happens on the grown with respect to how much water cannabis.

As a rule, striking the balance of the amount of water needed for your weed plants to thrive would be the first step towards securing a better yield. 

The other important thing you need to know is that nearly 80% of the plants’ weight is water. that alone shows how important water is to plants. Because of water, plants are able to get essential nutrients from the soil up through the stem to the leaves and buds. 

The plant breaks down a smaller percentage of the water available to form hydrogen. Although less than 1% of the water is used to form hydrogen, the latter mixes with carbon dioxide to form another essential nutrient –carbohydrates. This process takes place during photosynthesis.

Plant water usage does not end there. The remaining water in the plant goes to the soil to diffuse foliage. It is at this point that transpiration occurs, during an essential process referred to as plant transpiration stream.

PS. If for any reason you don’t water your crops, marijuana leaves will start to wilt. If this happens for a few days, weed branches will start to fall and the stems breaking. Finally, the crop will die.

With those opening remarks on the importance of water to plants and weed in particular, it is time to look at the answers to the questions; how much water does a cannabis plant need? How much water cannabis and how much water does a marijuana plant need?


Watering weed plants

How Often Should You Water Your Cannabis Plants?

The question of how often you should water your marijuana crops does not indicate that a specific number is set up. A few factors will determine the number of times you need to water your weed. Depending on where you plant your weed, you will be forced to water them regularly. 


If you grow your weed directly into the soil, you will have to monitor how your soil behaves. If the soil is dry, it means your plants are starving. It is risky to your crops if you will water your weed when the soil is dry. Before the soil shows signs of dryness, the plants would have started to wither. To some strains, it would be too late to salvage the crop.

For those who live in favorable weather conditions where the balance between sun and rain is at equilibrium, you don’t have to worry a lot about watering your weed. Those in winter conditions will only strive to ensure the crops have enough lighting.


If you grow your weed in pots, it is easy to water them. Generally, applying water every one to two days is a good practice. You will do the same if you grow your marijuana in coco coir.

Although you have the liberty to water the crops as you wish, be keen not to overwater them, lest, they will be weak. Plants need water to draw nutrients from the soil and they need time to use the ingredients. Excessive water will only saturate the nutrients.

PS. Never wait for the pots to get dry to water your weed. In addition, you don’t need to water your marijuana if the top soil is still wet. That means the soil underneath has water.

Super Soil

If you are tending your marijuana in organic super soil – a potting mix that is aimed at providing weed with organic nutrients for quicker growth, you will need to apply water on a regular basis. Since your weed can get essential nutrients from the enhanced organic soil, you will only need to add water to the soil. 

Avoid watering your crops when the foliage or the top soil appears wet. Besides, if you water the crops until there is a runoff, chances of losing essential nutrients are high. 

How To Water Your Marijuana 

If you are starting out as a marijuana cultivator, chances are you are planting a few trees. If so, the ideal tool to use for a few crops is a watering can. While using a watering can, you can water the plant at the roots. The next parts you need to water your marijuana are the leaves.

However, a watering can has its weaknesses. You need to refill it severally before you finish a small area. Nonetheless, it is a good way to start.

Using a liquid transfer pump that operates on battery is another good way to water your crops. This is better and faster compared to a mechanic watering can. Unlike the watering can, liquid transfer pump can reach the leaves and the bottom of your weed plants while you stand at a distance.

If you are a large-scale weed grower, you can settle for an electric pump, which has the ability to water your crops from a distance. Besides, some modern pumps do not need human presence to operate. 


So, how much water does a weed plant need or how much water does weed plant need? No exact answer on the amount of water a single marijuana crop needs. If you are contemplating on how to start your weed growing business, you need to prepare yourself to water the crops regularly. It would be better if start small and as you gain experience; you will expand your garden. Otherwise, plants are like humans when it comes to water. They need water to survive.