We all know the feeling of the munchies when we get stoned. How tempting is it to order a pizza or go to a burger place? And we do know that we don't make the most healthy choices at that point, but what can you do about it? We just need food! Now! Fortunately there are also quite a few healthy alternatives. Check them out in this article and you might grab something healthy next time the munchies strike.

Healthy snacks

healthy snacks

The munchies are of course the perfect excuse to cram yourself with junk food. It is really a problem for many people. But it is really unnecessary to only eat fatty foods and unhealthy snacks. There are quite a few healthy alternatives that are also delicious. So read on!


The hamburger is in the top of favorite munchie food for sure. But you may wonder if a visit to a hamburger restaurant when you are stoned is really a good idea. The calories are piling up and it is not nutritious at all. Look, you just need food at that point, and that's where the problem lies. Usually that hamburger isn't even that tasty, it it? But the moment you are high af, you don't care. Later, when you are sober again, you will regret it. But suppose you really want to eat meat, then it is better to opt for bio beef. Go for quality, that is better for your health. Choose good beef from animals that have had a good life.

A good hamburger doesn't have to be that unhealthy. As long as you use quality meat and not too much sauce. White bread contains few nutrients, we all know that. So you could opt for a whole-grain bun. We have to admit, it takes some time getting used to it, but after a few times you don't know any better. It is true that you pay a little more for organic meat. But if you prepare it yourself at home, you always lose a lot less money than when you go to a fast food restaurant. So if you really want to put your teeth in a piece of meat like a real carnivore, choose quality.

A piece of fruit instead of a smoothie

Juice and smoothies look healthy, but often they are not. There is of course a big difference in juices and smoothies that you prepare at home or that you buy. At home you know exactly which ingredients you use, and if you buy it outside, you can be sure that it contains a lot of sugar and flavorings. Fruit juice also contains sugars, natural sugars. But those are actually just as bad as added sugars. The body sees no difference. It is therefore much healthier to just eat a piece of fresh fruit. It also contains natural sugars, but because a piece of fruit fills much better than a juice, you get less of it inside. In fact, a glass of squeezed orange juice contains even more sugar than a soda such as cola. This is true! A glass of fruit juice contains about 8 teaspoons of sugar.

If you squeeze or blend the fruit, you get a high concentration of fructose and that cannot be processed by the liver, so that it is converted into fat and remains in the body. But with fruit you consume much less sugar, because you are full of it faster. That way you get all the vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, and the great thing about fruit is that there is a lot of variation. Do you like sweet? Then choose raspberries, watermelon, strawberries or blueberries if the munchies strike.

Throw candy bars out of the house