When growing weed seeds indoors, there is always a difference to growing cannabis outdoors. They require different care, lighting, irrigation, and nutrition, but there may also be differences in the amount at harvest. Read on to learn everything about the differences.

Buy the best weed seeds online

A good harvest always starts with good, high-quality weed seeds. Whether you are searching for outdoor marijuana seeds or indoor pot seeds, browse our seed bank to buy the perfect strain to suit your growing needs. We sell only the best weed seeds, such as feminized seeds, medical seeds, and classic strains including White Widow, Haze, and Kush.

Growing outdoors

Outdoors, there usually will be a larger marijuana harvest than if a plant is grown indoors. So outdoor crops and harvests usually are bigger. Indoor cannabis has benefits that can increase the yield, it can be better cared for and it will not be eaten by wildlife or insects.

Indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds

Indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds are available for all levels of growth, from Afghan or Big Bud, which are perfect for beginners. Are you an experienced cannabis cultivator? Then you have more possibilities and choices in growing techniques and cannabis seeds. More experience may result in a bigger crop, higher harvest, and - if you desire - a higher THC content.

The never-ending supply of weed

A great advantage for growers who buy indoor seeds as well as outdoor marijuana seeds is that they can have an ongoing supply of weed. During the growing season, plants can be grown outside. And after the outdoor growing season, plants can be planted indoors. This means you'll never be without your precious buds.

Most of the cannabis plants for outdoor and indoor use begin to flower within 8 weeks and have yields of up to 500 grams indoors and 700 grams outdoors. This of course is on average and depends greatly on your skills, equipment and the location (climate) you grow.

When you've found the perfect seeds, you are only a stone's throw away from an ongoing amount of perfect, home-grown weed that you can smoke and share with friends.

Do you prefer to grow your weed plants indoors or outdoors?