Big Bud is a Dutch strain that is fantastic for growing yourself, from a seed. You will need some space for Big Bud. This strain has a height that corresponds to the oversized flowers. Big Bud can grow up to 7 feet!

As such, it's best to grow your Big Bud outdoors. The plant thrives best in warm climates with reliable sources of sunlight. Big Bud is very fond of consistent values.

Big Bud can also be grown well indoors. It is then necessary to top and bend the plants in the vegitative stage. This makes them grow less vertically and more horizontally.

Big Bud is currently very popular in Europe

The stem of the plant is thick: the central stem can become almost 2 or 3 inches in diameter. This plant support system is needed to hold the powerful flowers.

Big Bud flowers within 7 to 8 weeks, for an indica that is reasonably fast, and it has a good yield. Due to the size of the flowertops of Big Bud, the curing process takes up to 10 days.

The Big Bud strain was almost gone once. However, cannabis enthusiasts from the Netherlands have brought this strain back to the world stage. That proves once again that much knowledge is available within cannabis cultivation. Otherwise Big Bud might have been lost.

Relaxed feeling

Big Bud is currently very popular in Europe, North America and Canada. It is a true knockout strain. Beginning users or people with a low THC-tolerance should better be careful with Big Bud. Big Bud gives a wonderful, relaxed feeling, both physically and mentally.

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