Edibles have become extremely popular lately. Many new users are looking for new ways to consume weed and edibles are a tasty way.

Moreover, it is healthier than smoking because you do not inhale toxic substances. And it is also fantastic that you can show off your cooking skills with edibles.

You can surprise your friends with a delicious dish in no time. And because a special ingredient has been added, you will for sure steal the show at the dinner table.

There is another important reason why people prefer to make edibles themselves. If you make something yourself, you know exactly how it is made and what ingredients are used. In other words, you know exactly what is in it. And you also know what effect it will have. You never quite know how strong the effect of your edible is, but you can make a reasonable estimate.

Below you will find a number of easy-to-make edibles. Hopefully you get inspiration from it. With these cannabis infused recipes you will definitely show off as a chef!

Cannabis butter

Butter made by adding cannabis. Because butter is tasty, but cannabis is also great. So why not merge the two?

You just have to melt the butter alongside it and then add marijuana that has been decarboxylated (for example 1 gram) until it also melts in the butter. And you're done!

Cannabis tea

You can easily make cannabis tea by putting dried leaves in hot water. Just like you do with regular tea. But you can also put a spoon of cannabutter in your cup. You can make a very special drink in no time!

Cannabis Brownies

Weed brownies are a real classic. It is probably the most popular edible. Of course you can do everything yourself from scratch, but you can also make it a little easier for yourself by using a mix.

Find a brownie mix to which oil or butter should be added. Heat the cannabis with the oil and add that oil to your brownie mix.

Then simply read the preparation method on the package.

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