Marijuana (or cannabis, weed, pot) comes in many different forms and also has many different names. For people who don't know much about it, it seems like they are all different types of drugs. But they are actually different variations of the same psychoactive ingredients.

The strength of the end product can vary greatly from plant to plant. And also from preparation to preparation. In addition, the way you use it can also influence the intensity of the effect.

How one person experiences the use of marijuana can therefore be very different from how another experiences it.

Cannabis is the same as marijuana and weed and pot. There are just different names for it. In every country and every (sub)culture, cannabis is indicated in a different way. This is about the unprocessed form of cannabis. This is most common worldwide and usually it is smoked as a goal to get high.

Weed consists of nothing more than the flower tops (and some of the leaves) of the cannabis plant (cannabis sativa and cannabis indica). Only the female plants produce flower tops with THC. The only operation that these parts of the plant undergo is drying.

It does happen that the flower tops are sprayed with chemical substances to increase their effect. In this way, poor quality cannabis is upgraded. Because you do not know what substances are used, it is a good idea to grow your own cannabis. That way you know for sure that you get a product that you can trust.

What about weed?

Weed looks like a kind of kitchen herbs, only it is not loose, but a bit lumpy. It's not chopped. What all people will recognize from weed is the characteristic smell.

You like it or you don't like it. The fact is that weed spreads a pungent smell. Not only when you smoke it, but also in unburned form you can smell it from afar. This smell is different from the smell of all other herbs.

From the moment you know the scent of weed, you recognize it everywhere. Even on the clothes of someone who has smoked. Usually people who have smoked weed themselves do not realize how strong the smell is. But others usually do smell it!

What about hash?

Hash (or hashish) is made from the resin of the cannabis sativa or cannabis indica plant. This resin is collected and pressed into a shape. This creates a solid, slightly sticky, oily substance.

Hashish also has many names that indicate a specific preparation or origin. Basically they are all the same. For example, you have Moroccan Hash and Black Gold.

How do you use hash?

Hash is usually heated so that it can be crumbled. It can then be rolled into a joint together with tobacco. It can also be put in a bong or pipe and smoked.

How can you recognize hashish?

There are many different types of hash. The first by which you can recognize hash is the shape. Most of the time it is sold in a small square or straight shape. It can be yellowish, black, dark brown or dark green.

In addition to the traditional cannabis and hash, many more forms have been added in recent years. For example, oils and edibles are becoming increasingly popular. However, most cannabis users worldwide still consume cannabis by smoking it.