It’s a million-dollar question, especially to those who participate in games or participate in national and international activities that do not want participants to use particular drugs.

Before we look for the answer to that important question, it is prudent to mention a few things.

First, before you think about whether there are possibilities of CBD oil showing up during a medical test, you must understand what CBD oil is. Understanding all the details of CBD oil, how it manifests itself in the human body, the difference between CBD oil and marijuana, and other subtle details will be the best way to approach the question, will CBD oil show up on a drug test?

Besides, it is equally important to understand how and why cannabis drug tests are done. Finally, it is vital to know another related question, which is equally important – will CBD hemp oil show up on a drug test?

Let’s start …

Why Drug Tests Are Done

Athletes and various sportsmen and women fear drug tests. When subjected to drug tests, these sportsmen and women are usually scared because even if they have not ingested any prohibited drugs, some of them might ingest the prohibited drugs without their knowledge. Thus, when asked to volunteer for a drug test a few days before an international competition, they get nervous. Should they really get scared?

Well, that reminds us of the big question - will CBD oil show up on a drug test? Generally, it won’t show up! Why? When drug tests are done, the aim is not to determine the amount of CBD oil in the body.

Instead, most drug tests are carried out to determine if the person has tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the body. In fact, proper tests have the ability to identify if the person has THC’s metabolites.

Therefore, put simply, a majority of drug tests are not aimed at testing for CBD oil. Rather, they are aimed at testing for THC. 

Having said that, it’s prudent to mention that people that go for drug tests should beware of something that may be more detrimental to their career or reputation. Although the aim is not to test for the level of CBD level in their blood, there are slim chances that CBD oil may show up during a THC drug test.

How Is it Possible That A THC Drug Test Can Reveal CBD Oil?