You enter your growing space and see that your weedplants look sad, as if they don't get enough water or nutrients. You’ve ticked every box of quick fixes. They are sufficiently watered, but not too watery. Check! Your nutrition plan ensures that all nutritional values ​​are optimal. Check! The pH is also in the optimum range. Check! No visible signs of spiders of pests. Check! Finally, you check the roots of the plants… and there you have it… root aphids. And it's your worst fear.


Root Aphids destroy weedcrops because they cause nutrients to leak from the roots of your plants and leaving lesions that cannot heal because of an enzyme that the little bastards have left behind on the plants.

These annoying little creatures are a huge problem for cannabis growers all over the world. However, to prevent, identify and treat Root Aphids, it is useful to learn a little about them first.

If you face the terrible reality of a full-fledged root aphid infestation in your grow space, it can be difficult to control it.


The best way get rid of a root aphid infestation is to destroy all your plants directly after harvest. Beginning all over again from scratch is not ideal, but to get attacked by these little creatures every new growing season again isn’t either. If you recognize the bugs early, there are few methods you can use to reduce or even get rid of the populations of the bugs, without damaging your roots.

Root aphids


All these methods listed below require root drench treatment, because foliar applications are only intended for prevention and not for treatment.

  • Citric acid based pesticides: a non-toxic, organic, effective and safe solution for getting rid of root aphids.

  • Hydrogen peroxide: Can be used in small quantities in the soil to beat root aphids. But be careful not to overdose. Too much hydrogen peroxide can be harmful to your plants and it can also kill useful microbes.

  • Beauveria bassiana: a fungus that acts as a parasite on various arthropods, including the root aphids. It occurs naturally in the soil and can be found in pesticides.

Root Aphids are really annoying. Fortunately, we have given you numerous preventive measures to treat a newly discovered root aphid infestation. Be sure not to take it lightly and ignore the problem. These little bastards won’t wander off out of free will. If you take action quickly you can save your precious cannabis crop.

Disclaimer: This content is meant for educational purposes only. It has been compiled with research from external sources. it is not meant to substitute any medical or legal advice. Please see your local laws for the legality of cannabis use.