Our Light of Jah strain is a strain that has won numerous awards at the famous High Times Cannabis Cup. The lineage of this strain is a bit mystical, although some people credit it as a cross between Jack Herer and Afghan. What we do know for sure is that the origin of its name is in honor of the famous hemp activist, Jack Herer. Its incredible potency will activate all your senses. 

Light Of Jah ® Regular Seeds

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THC Level 21 - 23%
Indica / Sativa 25% / 75%
Yield 800+ gr / plant
Height Tall
Flowering Time 10 - 12 weeks
Climate Mediterranean, Tropical, Warm Dry
Effects Giggly, Pain Relief, Relaxed, Uplifting
Flavor Fruity, Herbs, Peppery, Skunky

What is the effect of Light of Jah Regular?

One of the most beloved characteristics of Light of Jah is its high THC content, which can easily be between 24 and 26% and can reach up to 30%. The effects have a quick onset with a strong uplifting cerebral high and a giggly edge. If you're looking for more energy and good vibes. This is the strain you're looking for. 

What does it taste like?

It has a spicy, skunky smell that is quite herbaceous and has a woody, spicy, and sweet tropical fruit flavor profile.

Characteristics and Growing Information

The features of Light of Jah will captivate you. It is not the easiest to grow, but oh my god! If you do it well you will receive a super reward. You will be able to collect up to 1200 gr / m2 if you grow it outdoors and up to 750 gr / m2 if you grow it indoors. Remember that when you sow regular seeds you will have to monitor their sex in order to be able to separate the male plants from the rest of the crop in time and thus avoid ruining the entire harvest. Also when you grow regular seeds you will have the option to make your own strains and get your own perfect plant.


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amazing Review by Gary Sutter (Posted on 6/11/2019)
awsome plants
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