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Imported from South Africa, produced in Holland. One of the few 100% Sativa strains. It's a very stable plant with long leaves. Durban Poison produces large and long resin-covered buds. She has a sweet licorice taste and a very uplifting high. The perfect outdoor plant for warm southern climates.

Durban Poison: The Most Adored Cannabis Strain

The cannabis market keeps on soaring not just in the US but all around the globe. Its legalization in various countries and territories also opens the doors to businesses and even small-scale entrepreneurs.

If you are one of those people thinking to grow their cannabis strain but do know where to start, today is your lucky day. This guide will comprehensively walk you through what most growers considered “the most adored” cannabis strain.

As you find your way to get acquainted with the long list of cannabis strains available today, it is impossible not to stumble on the Durban Poison. Continue reading to learn more about the Durban Poison cannabis strain and what makes it stand out from the crowd.

The History of Durban Poison Cannabis Strain

Durban poison is a pure Sativa cannabis strain. It is a landrace strain from the port city of Durban in South Africa. Since its discovery in the 70s, it has already marked its way as one of the highly sought-after cannabis strains worldwide. It has also been used to produce a wide range of well-known hybrids and new generation cannabis strains.

For many cannabis growers, Durban Poison is usually called “Durbs”. Its fast flowering times and impressively high potent buds. This strain is discovered by Ed Rosenthal, a cannabis activist, grower, and seed hunter. 

He is the one who brought this landrace cannabis strain to the US which is the breakthrough of the Durban Poison strain. He then passes this discovery to Mel Frank, the author of the 1978 “Marijuana Grower’s Guide Deluxe.”

Frank modified its gene to produce a new strain with more resin production and further decrease the needed flowering time. His main goal is to boost its maturation despite the changes in environmental temperature on the US east coast.

This has turned Durban Poison into a mainstay of Amsterdam growers and coffee shops. It made history as one of the first Sativa strains that can always be found on almost every menu in the city. Hybrid strains coming from the landrace strain of Durban Poison have flooded the Dutch market.

Characteristics of Durban Poison Cannabis Strain

One of the many reasons why most cannabis growers prefer Durban Poison over other modern cannabis strains is its characteristic features. From its pungent yet fresh aroma and flavors to its large and chunky look, everything looks admirable with this strain.

After learning about the backstory of Durban Poison, and how it was first discovered and made its way to the US and Dutch market to the rest of the world, now is the time to take a closer look at its details. Here are some specific details about its characteristics:

  • Appearance

What makes Durban Poison the most adored can be easily seen in its appearance. Its gigantic resin glands make it perfect for producing cannabinoid concentrates. It has chunky, circular, and chubby buds which many growers refer to as “fat buds”.

Another notable thing about its appearance is its abundant supply of trichomes which cover the entire parts of the plant. They stick to anything and it is way too many of them. This is a good thing since it is an indication that a cannabis plant with such an appearance is highly potent.

  • Flavor

Talking about the taste, Durban Poison has a little hint of spicy flavor with an organic kick. It is earthy, acidic, and citric while still having a sweet side. In totality, Durban Poison’s aroma is both a perfect combination of spicy and sweet.

  • Aroma

Durban Poison is ideal for people who want to experience an out-of-this-world scent. Its pleasant and fruity aroma brings you to a profound state of relaxation and a feeling of euphoria. Durban Poison is a perfect pick if you want a genuine and natural earthy scent as the beauty of nature can be truly experienced with this strain in its purest form.

  • The Experience

Unlike other landrace cannabis strains, Durban Poison is way different as it is highly potent with powerful effects. Durban Poison contains high levels of THC levels of not less than 20%. 

With such high levels of THC, users of Durban Poison experience euphoria and intense high. However, such effects will still be based on the factors of how the strain was grown and harvested.

Common effects of Durban Poison allow you an uplift in energy levels and moods. It stimulates the brain thus it is also referred to by many as the “cerebral strain.” 

  • Terpene Profile

As said, Durban Poison is far different from other cannabis strains with its highly potent buds and resin production. Other than that, it also produces high amounts of specific terpenes that may have something to do with its native genetics mixed with its growing climate.

Here is a sample of its terpene profile. The data results come from a testing facility in Seattle, WA:

  • Limonene: 5%
  • Linalool: 3.53%
  • Humulene: 1.83%
  • Caryophyllene: 0.36%
  • Mercene: 0.20%
  • Pinene: 0.20%
  • Terpinolene: 0.01%


Tips in Growing Durban Poison Cannabis Strain

As one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world, it is not surprising to find that many growers are interested in growing Durban Poison. With its high THC levels giving off a powerful yet clean effect, this strain is one of the favorites of many.

For novice growers, here is the good news for you. Durban Poison is not difficult to grow and take care of. Here are some tips for growing Durban Poison to enjoy quality yield.

  • Use sterile soil in growing Durban Poison

As said, growing Durban Poison is not that difficult. It is manageable even for novice growers. The first step is to germinate the seeds in sterile soil or a hydroponic growing medium. You may also use the paper towel germination method if this is what you prefer. 

If using a paper towel germination method, make sure that you check the towels as they run dry quite quickly. When the root started to come out by at least 1/16 of an inch, use a tweezer to transfer the seeds to your growing medium.

Use the ratio 5-55-17 cannabis plant food on the seedling to boost the growing process. During the first weeks, keep the temperature within 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Grow outdoors for the highest yield

If you are aiming for the highest yield, it is always the best choice to grow your cannabis plant outdoors. However, Durban Poison is a versatile cannabis strain that you can grow either indoors or outdoors depending on which one you prefer.

Growing indoors will take about 9 weeks to grow. However, growing outdoors will allow the cannabis plant to thrive with no restrictions. It is not a new thing to see a plant grow way above you. If you grow Durban Poison in an outdoor setting, expect it will grow as tall as over 7 feet in height, and a yield of around 18 ounces for every plant.

  • Protect from pests, insects, and other pathogens

Opting to grow your cannabis plant outdoors will also require you to protect them from environmental harm. Durban Poison when grown in an outdoor setting is quite vulnerable. It is susceptible to pests, insects, fungi, and bugs. Bigger animals may also harm them thus building a fence is suggested.

In dealing with pests such as mites, insects, and bugs, try making a DIY organic pesticide.

  • Add the right nutrients at the right time

As mentioned, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are three of the essential nutrients a growing cannabis plant needs. As Durban Poison is a pure Sativa strain, you can be a little lighter in feeding. It is suggested to be always vigilant with what nutrients you give away to your plant.

Too much nitrogen application can burn your plants. The next most important nutrients you need to feed your plant are magnesium, calcium, and sulfur.

  • Manage carbon dioxide levels

Carbon dioxide feels like heaven for cannabis seeds. It is basic knowledge that carbon dioxide is used for photosynthesis. During this process, cannabis plants create sugars, they need for their tissue development. Boosting the carbon dioxide levels also boosts the sugar production that is essential in the plant’s growth.

  • Consider the temperature levels

What makes Durban Poison quite an impressive variety is its versatility. It is a tough cannabis plant that can withstand the harshest type of weather conditions. However, managing them well will boost the quality yield of the final product.

To achieve the best and high-quality yield for Durban Poison, it is suggested to grow them at 80 degrees during their vegetative stage. Set the temperature between 75 and 78 degrees during their flowering stage. 

Make sure to maintain a temperature not lower than 70 degrees during the day and nothing lower than 60 degrees during the night.

Benefits of Using Durban Poison

Durban Poison offers medicinal benefits ranging from treating chronic illnesses to simple pain relief. With its high THC levels, it is more likely to help users with chronic stress, anxiety, depression, migraines, and epilepsy.

Recent studies show medical benefits offered by Durban Poison as it shows effects in certain forms of cancer. In their final findings, it was reported the Durban Poison prevents the spread of cancer cells and slows down tumor growth.

It also provides uninterrupted focus without the side effects of conventional stimulant therapy. With such benefits, Durban Poison is ideal for treating patients with ADHD and ADD conditions.

The feeling of euphoria as its main effect in using Durban Poison makes it a perfect treatment for people with depression. It helps uplift the user’s mood and improves mood disorders. Patients suffering from extreme sadness benefit themselves by using this cannabis strain.

Another notable benefit of using Durban Poison is for people struggling with malnutrition, often experiencing nausea caused by cyclical vomiting syndrome or dysautonomia. Durban Poison promotes appetite and urges the user to eat more frequently. Its spicy and sweet taste with earthy scents also helps patients with severe cases of nausea.

Side Effects of Using Durban Poison

Durban Poison is one of the highly potent cannabis strains that exist today. Its strong effects are accompanied by a psychedelic high which can cause a feeling of hazy and disoriented for a couple of hours after use.

While Durban Poison can provide an enjoyable experience, its potent effects may be overwhelming for novice users. It's thus advised primarily for those with a higher degree of experience in cannabis consumption. These seasoned users typically possess a better understanding of dosage management, making Durban Poison a more suitable choice for them.


In totality, Durban Poison is quite an impressive variety. Knowing in-depth details about this cannabis strain allowed us to perceive this strain in a newer light. Authentic Durban Poison landrace strain is truly the world’s greatest landraces that exist.

Its versatility to cope and thrive in various conditions and environments, a one of a kind. It is also easy to grow and maintain which is perfect for novice growers. For that reason, it is no doubt that Durban Poison is indeed the most adored cannabis strain to us!

THC Level Up to 23%
Indica / Sativa 0% / 100%
Yield indoor Up to 400 grams / 14 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 160 cm / 63 inch
Grow difficulty Moderate, Expert
Seed Type Sativa
Effects Happy, Productive, Uplifting, Creative
Flavor Citrus, Earthy, Sweet, Licorice, Peppery
Plant size Average
Flowering time Long (10-16 weeks)
Climate Warm Dry, Mediterranean
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