Crypto currency payments with AMS

Detailed Instructions:

If you have never used cryptocurrency before, it can seem pretty intimidating at first, but It is pretty straightforward.

Step 1:Create your Crypto Wallet

The first step is to create an account with your favorite crypto exchange. We recommend Coinbase because of its popularity and ease of use. You will be asked to upload a picture of your ID to confirm your account. No worries; this is a normal part of the signup procedure. Please know that despite this, your transactions will remain completely anonymous.

Step 2: Get your coins

The second step is to buy some cryptocurrency using your new exchange account. We recommend purchasing Bitcoin as it is relatively stable. When you send money using crypto, there is a small fee to pay (gas fee), so please ensure you get a bit more than is needed for your seeds purchase.

Step 3: Get your seeds

Once you have your crypto coins inside your exchange account, it is time to place your order.
  • Go to our webshop and select your desired strain.
  • Click on buy seeds to add them to your cart.
  • Click on the orange button in the upper right corner to view your cart, then click on the orange button "checkout".
  • In the checkout you can select payment method; Crypto's, and enjoy a 10% discount.
  • When you have filled out all the details and accepted the terms and conditions, you click on the orange button "Place order now".

Step 4: Send your payment

Select the right currency. If you bought bitcoin, use bitcoin, etc. Our payment processor, Coin Payments, will provide you with a wallet address; this is where you send your funds. Make sure you copy and paste the same address. If the address is not exactly correct, your money will be lost. Once you have the wallet address, go to your crypto exchange and send the cryptos as you would with a regular bank transfer. Within 24 hours of receiving your payment, your order will be processed.