The buds are mostly massive, and we can nod that whenever we release a CBDoc marijuana seeds package to a customer, we are providing them with an incredible yielder, where her bud’s yielding capability goes to as much as 450gms per square meter when cultivated indoors, and up to 750gms per square meter when cultivated outdoors.

Cbdoc ® Regular Seeds

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THC Level 5 - 15%
Indica / Sativa 35% / 65%
Yield 550 - 800 gr / plant
Height Tall
Flowering Time 9 - 10 weeks
Climate Mediterranean, Warm Dry
Effects Pain Relief, Relaxed, Sedative
Flavor Earthy, Spicy, Sweet


Also, if you have been scouring our site for a couple of moments, one thing would be for sure all Super Skunk 1 crossings come with the true definitions for feats of strengths, and our CBDoc regular seeds arent an exception.

We cant also fail to acknowledge the fact that she has maintained Super Skunks feats of strength, as molds and caterpillars tend to fear attacking this strain, lest they become disappointed.


The Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company is the home to CBDoc seeds. Being in the business for the past two decades, different things have led to the other, where we have made it our critical role to keep on improving our long line of existing strains, and this means the CBDoc regular seeds you see today are somewhat different from those that were on our shelves like lets say five years ago.

All thanks to Relaximo, he goes above and beyond and selflessly ensures that our customers, read growers, get an improved version every other time. Try out our constantly improved CBDoc marijuana seeds, and true to our words, you wont get disappointed ever.


CBDoc starts off with a massive high which will last for approximately 20 minutes and after that changes to a "stoned to the bone" sensation which will relax your entire body and mind.Pair it with a large cup of coffee or tea and you will have a little taste of heaven.

While is she is a perfect Sativa hybrid, CBDoc seeds give rise to grass that has a balanced CBD to THC ratio, where the THC amounts plummet at a 5-15% range.

A single hit would be best for you if you work your way up. Veterans! Hooray! It doesnt matter what time of the day it is, the CBDoc strain is an all-time round strain take your hit during the morning, noontime, or at night. as you glimpse how her supreme skunky high bids away your mood swings and unbalanced libido Yes, you read that right.


Can I germinate CBDoc regular seeds as an absolute beginner? Understandably that could be the concern on your mind right away. Wed be happy to let you know that undeniably, you can be a successful cannabis grower from scratch.

The CBDoc marijuana seeds mostly have a moderate growing difficulty, and this means that having some sort of mental preparedness goes a long way towards seeing to it that running your ordeal becomes a reality.

If you can, please read this before going full force to germinate your ganja. This is an exemplary germination guide that incorporates actionable steps to see to it that germination isnt a pipe dream, and never will it be if you follow our expert tips.

If you can feel confident after reading that guide that you can go full swing and start germinating your CBDoc seeds, then also read our cannabis grow guide a couple of times. Its not much work as it sounds, but truly, those couple of minutes you will spend scouring those write-ups could be a life-changing opportunity for you.

Well, lets say your grass seeds have perfectly germinated. Now, you will need to ensure that the growing is top-notch, by having the basics ready. These include, but are not limited to sufficient watering, and the proper administration of nutrients. Marijuana fertilizers or coffee grounds are needed after you grow your regular strain from the CBDoc marijuana seeds from AMS. Happy, successful growing!


Probably you have been disappointed time and again while in the quest to purchase your favorite marijuana seeds, and finding a reputable brand is overwhelming. Clap your hand as your search is finally over. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has been around the online streets for two decades now and we have perfected our art in the dealership of marijuana seeds. What strains other than CBDoc seeds are you interested in?

Buy weed seeds at AMS. We sell more than 120+ different seeds such as feminized, autoflowering, and regular seeds. Need some help growing your first batch of CBDoc seeds? Check out our Marijuana Growing Guide for our tips on growing plants.


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