Your mindset is not wrong. It is a fact that you can't just mix any other stuff with medication. All medications come with a few instructions on how to take them effectively and safely. It is imperative to be cautious of what you're taking when you are under any form of medication.

What is the reason?

The reason is simple; certain medicines can have a negative reaction when mixed with some substances. Most physicians give you a list of substances that you shouldn't take while on antibiotics. However, they rarely include cannabis on the list.

Same case to pharmaceutical manufacturers; they rarely list cannabis and its products as one of the substances that shouldn’t be taken when taking medications. Both probably assume that consumption of cannabis is not common among their patients.

While they may be wrong, it is important to be honest and tell your doctor that you consume marijuana. Your health comes first, and so, you shouldn’t dwell on assumptions. Bring out any questions you may have regarding any substance that you may be using.

Despite the legal status of cannabis in your state, bringing such a question or conversation to your doctor is always negligible. He has an oath of secrecy, meaning that your conversations are confidential. Your doctor will provide you with medical advice without any legal judgment.

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