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Everything You Need To Know About Landrace Seeds

As the popularity of cannabis is rapidly rising in today’s age, more cultivators are showing their interest. If you are a newbie, the list of cannabis strains can be quite confusing for you. Cannabis strains are not made equally. It is imperative to know the suitable cannabis strains for the right occasion.

This simple guide will help you get to know more about these rare cannabis strains. The in-depth knowledge you will gain in reading this guide will better help you pick the right strain that suits your needs.

What are Landrace Cannabis Seeds?

If you are new to cannabis seeds, you must be wondering what are landrace seeds. Simply put, unlike other strains of cannabis, Landrace Cannabis Seeds have less diluted DNA. They have not been crossbred with other varieties of cannabis strains.

To further differentiate it from the rest of the existing cannabis strains, landrace cannabis strains are usually indigenous in certain regions. Since these landrace strains are original cannabis strains that are natively grown in that area, they usually bear part of that region’s name.

Why Landrace Seeds are rare?

Landrace seeds are rare to find because most of today’s modern cannabis strains are hybrids or a mixture of different varieties. You might be wondering why you haven’t heard about landrace seeds or strains before.

It is because original landrace strains are removed from their native environment and have been continuously crossbred with other varieties. When a landrace strain is removed from its indigenous environment and forced to grow elsewhere, it exhibits different and new characteristics.

Plant characteristics include the size of its flower, leaves, growing time, THC or CBD content, and others. If you want to get its original characteristics, you need to return it back to its native environment.

Are Landrace Seeds better than other varieties?

Strictly speaking, all of today’s known hybrids are derived from landrace strains. However, it does not mean landrace strains are way better than other hybrid cannabis strains.

Depending on the cultivator’s goal in growing those strains, each cannabis strain offers its own fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

It does not mean that landrace cannabis strains are more potent or contain higher CBD or THC levels than modern cannabis strains. However, if you are a historian, scientist, or pot purist, then landrace seeds may hold a significant value for you as it is the origin of all other cannabis strains today.

Are Landrace Cannabis Strains Worth a Try?

If you are interested in cultivating cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes, landrace cannabis strains are not advisable for you. Landrace strains are not stronger nor they are more potent than modern cannabis strains. In fact, they are less diluted and offer completely different effects from what you expect.

However, if you are someone who wants to explore rare cannabis strains, then Landrace strains are worth a try. 

How to pick the best Landrace Cannabis Strain

Landrace strains from various regions differ in effects and characteristics. The most difficult part is that many of these landrace strains are not stabilized into seed form. Landrace seeds are rare and hard to find.

In choosing the best landrace strain that works for you, here are some tips to better guide you:

  • Background

One of the most common things to consider by most breeders and growers of cannabis is their geographic roots. Their geographic background where they were originally located tells more about the characteristic of the landraces and how resilient or sturdy it is in handling many growing barriers.

  • Terroir

Another thing to consider is the environmental conditions, especially the soil or climate requirement in growing the plant. It is essential as it affects the aroma, flavor, scent, and various characteristics of the cannabis strain as it matures.

  • Rarity

Afghani and Hindu Kush are just two of the many landrace strains that are widely popularized. However, there are still many landrace strains that are not yet discovered to produce exciting effects.

Choosing a known strain is better if you want a secure outcome. If you prefer to experiment and discover something new, it is always fun to try other rare varieties.

  • Yields

If you are a commercial cultivator of cannabis, then yielding potential is significant in choosing the right landrace strains. Pure landrace strains often deliver high yields. However, due to other factors including harsh climates and other environmental and growing conditions, yields may not meet your expectations.

  • Cultivating Difficulty

If you are a beginner, it is only understandable to play safe and pick an easier variety to grow. Align your selection with the level of abilities and skills you possess.

10 Landrace Strains from Around the World

Not all landrace strains are similar. Different landrace strains from various regions around the world differ in appearance, yield, growth difficulty, and origins. Every continent on the map has a history of cannabis plants and strains that are native to the area.

Here are some examples of them:

  • Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush is a 100% pure Indica strain that is native to the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This cannabis plant is famous for its classic Indica-effects and long-lasting high effect. It is perfect for people having difficulty in sleeping and needing a little help to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Pure Afghan is an exclusive landrace strain from the regions of Afghanistan. This is one of the only DNA genetics strains that is bred from pure seed stock. It is a 100% Indica-pure strain with a high THC level. This strain is more prone to hotter weather due to its origins in the dry and hot mountains of Afghanistan.

  • Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Bread also called by others as Lamb’s Breath is a Sativa strain that is known for its energetic and uplifting effects. Thus it is specifically used to treat depression and disorders associated with chronic stress and long-term fatigue.

This strain originated from Jamaica and is quite potent with a THC content of around 15% to 18%. In general, it is known for its pungent, sweet, and musky scents.

  • Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is the traditional name for a cannabis plant originating in Acapulco, Mexico. This strain is named after its golden accent leaves. This legendary pure Sativa strain offers a soothing body high that could last for about two hours. It is best used in treating anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and other mental disorders.

Durban Poison is one of the highly regarded classic cannabis landraces that is known to originate in Durban, South Africa. Its name is obviously from the place of its origin. This landrace offers a remarkable aroma and taste that are long-lasting, making it one of the most excellent cannabis to try even for first-time users.

  • Panama Red

This Landrace strain originated in Panama, Central America. Despite its low THC level of about 16%, this cannabis strain is favored by many for its typical Sativa effects. This strain makes you feel more talkative, and energetic and boosts your creative side. It is commonly used to treat depression, stress, and anxiety levels.

  • Highland Thai

This landrace cannabis strain comes from the Burmese border regions of Northern and Northwestern Thailand. This is traditionally grown by the local tribe including the Lahu people. Its effects offer a calming and powerful psychoactive effect that most Southeast Asian strains commonly offer.

  • Ciskei

Ciskei is a strain natively grown in the former Bantustan territory in the mountains of South Africa with a 5000 to 6500 feet high elevation. It is commonly known for its small and bushy physical characteristics even in its flowering phase.

  • Congolese

It is one of the most famous landrace strains that can be found in the equatorial part of Africa. Its buds are quite dense and offer complex aromas ranging from chocolate-like scents to feather-like scents. This particular seed line is the origin of many famous hybrid cannabis strains that are widely used today.

  • Kerala

This pure South Indian landrace originates from the equatorial highland district of Idukki. It is widely known as the original strain that produces modern cannabis strains including White Widow and Haze. It has the capacity to grow as tall as 12 feet in height with its bamboo-like leaflets. It is also known for its elevated THC levels with sweet scents.


Many pure landrace cannabis strains are rare to find. These strains are either gone or outbred with time. Few collectors and cannabis cultivators offer rare locally-sourced landrace cannabis seeds. However, there are seed banks that offer a wide variety of these landrace strains to give growers around the world access to resilient genetics for various climates.

If you choose to grow landrace strains, it is imperative to fully understand cannabis culture and obtain knowledge about the cannabis plant itself. With the guides and sample landrace strains mentioned above, you are now better equipped to find the best landrace strain that works for you.