Every cannabis enthusiast knows the legendary Haze strain. Pure haze strains are originally Sativa's and today there are many crossbreds for sale. You can get Haze strains as a Sativa hybrid or Sativa-dominant. Haze cannabis strains are not so strong that they blow you away completely and that is appreciated by a lot of people around the world. What Haze weed has to offer is an uplifting high. In addition, Haze varieties are also appreciated for their delicious aromas and fruity undertones.

The good thing about Haze is that they are very powerful strains, but after you have smoked it you can just go on and do your thing. Haze generally won't get you couch-locked after smoking. Of course, this depends on how much you consume. Haze provides an energetic, euphoric high. It does not give your body a heavy feeling but lifts you up.

Growing haze

growing haze

Despite all the benefits that Haze has to offer in terms of effects, it is not a popular strain among growers. Why is that? Probably because many growers find this strain very difficult to maintain. And there is a truth in that. A Haze species can be self-willed, so to speak. To get a good harvest, you will have to put a lot of time and energy into it. With a Haze strain, not all will happen automatically. But if you give this strain the right attention, you will be rewarded with fantastic flower tops.

According to many gardeners, a disadvantage is that the flowering time of Haze can last very long, sometimes up to 15 weeks. So you need a lot of patience, and patience is not the best characteristic of most weed growers! You need to take your time, but if you can bear the patience, you will be rewarded with a fantastic end product: beautiful, large, sticky, tasty flower tops full of cannabinoid-rich trichomes.

Typical for Haze