The term Low Stress Training (LST) is used to refer to a way of growing cannabis plants. By making use of this method of cultivation the lower shots get more light. This allows your marijuana plant to grow more and yield without having to change your setup. The main idea behind this technique is to enable the grower to slightly increase the amount of weed that they are getting out of their plants.

What is LST and when can you give your plant this training?

LST is used to create multiple bud sites, even out the canopy and on the overall also to help the grower make use of light in a more efficient manner. This method can be used to grow marijuana plants in any size or shape.

To apply LST training the grower needs to gently bend and tie plants to train them into a shape that grows more efficiently. In order to use LST training, the grower just needs a few simple tools, steady hand and patience. To bend the marijuana plants, the grower will need to make use of soft gardening wire, or a packet of plant ties, or cable ties, or roll of hemp string. The best is to use soft ties as this will not damage the plant.

As a grower you can start to give your plant LST training when the plant is still very small. This will enable you to control that it doesn't grow much in height but mostly in width. When using this method from the beginning, you can lay down the branches that develop during the growing period until they start flowering. Once the flowering symptoms are visible, you should no longer apply the Low Stress Training method.

How to use Low Stress Training in your advantage

Low Stress Sign

Low stress training is often used to form a relatively flat, even canopy. This will help all the bud sites to have access to direct light instead of just the top main bud. Resulting into a trained marijuana plant that naturally creates more and bigger buds in the same environment or setup than unstrained plants. When a grower opts to make use of LST its main idea is to gently manipulate the marijuana plant to create multiple main ''colas'' or buds. Furthermore, LST techniques can also be used to help reduce the height of marijuana plants that are getting too tall for your setup or growing taller than your other marijuana plants.

Benefits of using Low Stress Training

So, what are the benefits for growers to make use of the Low Stress Training (LST) technique? In case you are not yet convinced about this method, hereby the main benefits of making use of LST:

  • Bigger yields from the exact same grow lights and setup
  • Complete control over the height, shape and size of your plant (the method is applicable for both indoors and outdoors plants)
  • Heavy harvests
  • Plants will produce more big buds instead of a single main bud and a lot of tiny ones
  • LST does not involve snipping off branches, which will decrease the recovery time needed for the plants. This will usually take around 3-4 days

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