Finding things to do when your high can be tricky, especially if youre already high, and so I find that one of the best, passive ways to spend your time is to watch TV. Not just any TV though, cartoons! Cartoons are lots of peoples favourite thing to watch while stoned, probably because doing so provides them with hours of endless comedy and nostalgia. Here's a list of the funniest cartoons to watch stoned, alone, or with your friends:

Samurai Jack


Japanese art is absolutely astounding, and art in Samurai Jack is no exception. This show infuses Western-style animation with Japanese themes, blending in themes of action, honor and redemption so traditionally seen in ancient Japanese culture. The gorgeous colours and fast-paced action scenes are enough to keep even the sleepiest stoner focused.

SpongeBob SquarePants

You wanted nostalgia? Youve got it with SpongeBob. This show is absolutely hilarious, despite flaunting some pretty basic animation, and has tons of adult references hidden so that only us grown-ups will understand them. Pre-roll a couple joints, and the characters will be your new best buddies.

Adventure Time

Like SpongeBob, this one definitely isn't just for kids, despite what it says on the packet. Adventure time has some incredibly visuals, as well as poses lots of philosophical questions about the self and the universe. The dialogue of the show and the suggestive nature of some of the events that unfold are both incredibly captivating, and so Adventure Time really is one of the most appealing things to watch while high.

South Park


Most people have heard of this one, probably due to the fact that it has a history of crazy controversy. South Park is totally infamous, which is why it has to be on this list. With almost thirty seasons, there is an abundance of satirical humor to go around. South Park, I think, steps over the line while still being funny, which is why its the perfect thing to watch stoned.

Rick and Morty

I don't imagine that Rick and Morty will ever not be funny. I really do believe this show is going to be timeless, with its stunning, colorful; though simple; animation, and thought-provoking ideas, it really is one of the best things to watch while smoking a few blunts or taking a couple hits of a bong. This show is absolutely hysterical, and if you haven't already watched it, I recommend you fire Netflix up right now.

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