Concentrates that are made of cannabis come in many different varieties, but they all offer the same kind of effect - a final product that is very strong and easy to use. With concentrates, the diluents, such as water, are removed so that only a concentrated substance remains. This process is also often applied to food. The goal is to make the end product, the concentrate, purer, stronger and more compact. This makes the end product very potent and intense. Both in terms of taste, and in the case of cannabis, also in terms of effects. A marijuana concentrate has a very high amount of THC.

Types of cannabis concentrates

cannabis concentrates

Solvents are used in the production of Marijuana concentrates, as a result of which the less desirable parts of the weed plant are 'detached' from the rest of the plant material. This leaves a residue that contains many cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. These are the chemicals from the weed plant that are secreted by cannabis flowers. Below you will find a shortlist of  cannabis concentrates.