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Our writers come from different corners of the planet, but they all have one thing in common: a passion for all things cannabis. Each provides unique insight into the world of marijuana from their part of the world. Together they cover all the most interesting cannabis news, such as updates about medical marijuana and legalization, marijuana growing tips, smoking and vaping info, delicious recipes and more. We hope you enjoy our Cannabis Blog. If you are interested in guest writing for our blog, contact us.

Justin Time Marijuana Medical, Marijuana Concentrates, General

Born in Ashton California, Lourbaud, Justin is a Cannabis connoisseur, activist and weed influencer. A graduate of Sociology from the Utah State University, I have had experience in all facets of the Cannabis chain.

I started out just smoking pot for recreational purposes before I got introduced to the benefits of the herb by some of the members of the growing legalize marijuana movement at the time. With further reading and my personal experiences, I found out that weed held lots of benefits that far outweighed any negative attributes.

For more than a decade, I have lent my voice to the cause of legalization of marijuana. Although I now live in the Netherlands, my roots are firm in the pot culture of Northern California. I am concerned about the healthy wellbeing of people and the failings of conventional medicine to provide answers to some of the world’s most debilitating ailments.

SOMA Entertainment, Marijuana Lifestyle, Marijuana Products

SOMA is a freelance cannabis content writer and a cannabis dispensary owner who knows what he’s talking about. From new medical insights to finding the best grinder; he’s got your back. Providing you with the best, mind-boggling, well-researched articles.

Being in ‘the business’ for quite some time now, SOMA writes from his own experiences and gathers information from all the people he meets along the way.

Joe Green Marijuana Growing, Marijuana Edibles, Marijuana Guides

Let me introduce myself, I go by the name of 'Joe Green'. People gave me that name for obvious reasons. I am from Amsterdam, the marijuana capital of the world, and I have been growing Marijuana for over more than two decades.

From the moment on I started working in the field of cannabis, it has been a real rollercoaster. From small home-setups to industrial plantations, trust me if I tell you that I've seen it all - those were the days!

I've solved every issue, from obtaining quality and shipping methods, to harvest and plant care.