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Lovecanna is a pure, landrace Sativa strain with an energetic, cerebral high, created by encoding vibration of Love into its DNA strands.

Its seeds have symbolic meaning and represent an important change, your conscious and subconscious intention, and decision, to actively bring quantum field qualities you wish to attract into your life, all those which stem from Selflove and Selfcare, the Acceptance, the Understanding, the Forgiveness, the Connection, The Peace, The Harmony, The Freedom
when you give somebody a seed or let it grow wild freely and naturally somewhere.

Grow it carefully and lovingly by yourself enjoying the pleasure of love and connection to your plant, eat the green parts of the plant, or smoke it and enjoy its brain-freeing effect as you take further steps on your way to upgrade your personal Vibration, Aura and Destiny

Ask yourself

What if this is the experience that can help me change my life?
What if this is the way I can manifest little miracles into my existence?


Om Sri Laxmi Mahadevi Namaha I choose to Live in Love

Lift your vibration by applying Quantum Resonance Laws in Practice with AMS LoveCanna

Marijuana Desiderata

The Acceptance, the Understanding, the Forgiveness, the Connection, the Peace, the Harmony, the Freedom.

That feeling that we all remember and crave, even if we do not remember those early days when we were safely a part of our Mom's body, tucked tightly inside her womb, and later so closely hugged in her arms sucking the sweet milk of her love.

In the peace and harmony of the safest connection ever, we could let ourselves dissolve into the one and only unconditional LOVE that nature designed for us to experience,

so we learned it is possible for us to lovingly connect so deeply with other beings,
so we can remember that an unconditional flow of love energy is possible and we can not only receive it,
but we are able to create it within ourselves by ourselves and first give it to our children,
and later to practice radiating it from within our hearts towards ourselves and all other living beings,
whenever we decide to choose to shine our love in spite of all the difficult connection-breaking stuff,

but sometimes it is so hard to get there and emanate it, to disregard all negativity that separates us,
so magical, that there is a sacred soul medicine that opens that door so easily,
and let us in so we can learn and remember, learn and remember how to open that door,
so we can step into that loving, connecting, harmonizing space whenever we choose to,
and be the SOURCE OF LOVE for ourselves and others,

that is why we do it.

Santa Maria a sacred gift of Pachamama
to find ourselves back in that natural paradise,
and learn to access that space naturally without Maria's help,
and to give that paradise to others too,
we shall lift each other up, higher and higher, you know?

And I love you anyway, despite whatever tries to divide us!

Because I have that loving space within me, trained so well with Maria's help, that it's so easy for me to disregard the bad and radiate unconditional love on You my friend.
To switch off the brain, go into the Heart, forgive all the bad, and give eternal LOVE,
because even if that is too difficult from that negative place where we find ourselves every day,
I always have the Santa Maria ready to hand me the key to open that door,
whenever I need help in doing so...

Puff Puff so lightly, so gracefully, so funny, so easy, always smiling acceptingly at the hard heavy paths others choose
Do you want the key?

THC Level Up to 20%
Indica / Sativa 10% / 90%
Yield indoor Up to 510 grams / 18 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 110 cm / 43.3 inch
Grow difficulty Moderate
Seed Type Sativa
Effects Energetic, Relaxed, Happy, Uplifting, Creative
Flavor Citrus, Sweet, Fruity, Tropical, Berries, Flowery
Plant size Tall
Flowering time Average (8-12 weeks)
Climate Temperate, Tropical
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