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AMS Affiliation

At AMS we give you everything you need to make your cannabis content profitable. You focus on creating great content and sending us quality traffic, we'll take care of the rest! Provide your readers with top-quality products and 5-star service, while monetizing your content.

Here are just a few reasons why you should join today:

  • Over 180 quality products
  • Guaranteed, super discrete delivery, allowing you to work with growers all over the world
  • 25+ years of experience you can count on, so you can rest assured that you're representing a top quality product and service
  • Generous payment options
  • 1st rate customer and affiliation service

Our affiliation program grows with you. Unlike other affiliation programs, we don’t base your tiers only on the number of sales you generate, but also on the quality of content and traffic you create. We want to award you for the quality content you’re creating. We know that if you keep to it, the sales will come. Sounds like something you might be into?

It's one day - or day one - you decide. Take the first step now, apply today.