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Mostly Sativa seeds

Buy Mostly Sativa marijuana seeds and Mostly Sativa cannabis seeds online!

Sativa strains come from countries around the equator.
Many sativa strains find their origin in south american and asian countries.
And found all over africa.
It can grow severel meters high, and its plant grows tall and thin.

Smoking sativa buds is like drinking fine wine.
In most cases smoking sativas give you a extra high, so when smoking one after the other means getting higher and higher.
The high and buzz is energetic compared to the numbing feeling indica gives.
Sativa is best suited for daytime smokers.
It can lift you up and carry you through the day.
More focus and feeling of well-being all day long.
Most artists who live off their creativity use sativa strains.
Feeling down and depressed? Smoke sativa!

Sativa plants take a while longer to grow compared to indica plants.
They like extra attention.

Our most popular sativa seeds are: Amnesia trance, Aussie Blues, Haze, Light of Jah, and try our XTRM Super Silver Haze!

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