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Mostly Indica seeds

Buy Mostly Indica marijuana seeds and Mostly Indica cannabis seeds online!

Indica plants grow wide and stay shorter than sativa plants.
Most indoor growers use indica strains because of the height of the plants.
Smoking indica buds will give you a sleepy sensation, great for insomniacs.
If you feel the need to relax smoke indica!

There are many indica strains availale, some are pure indica and some are hybrids.
Some strains are mixed with sativa to create new strains.
Indica and sativa both have excellent medical effects, some strains are specificly created to treat certain illnesses better.

Most used for treating anxiety, pain and sleeping disorders.
Headaches and migraines can be stopped when smoking indica weed.
Indica strains smell sweeter and stronger than sativa buds.
White widow, Big Bud, AK47, Borderliner and La Blanca are some of our top selling indica seeds.
If you want the more potent versions try the XTRM variaties.
Some strains are available as regular seeds, and some have feminized and auto flowering varieties.

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