Got your hands on some top-shelf cannabis? Nice! But is it enough to just be stoned? Actually, it is. But for the ambitious types among us, lying spaced out on the couch is not an option.

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Things to do when you are high

There are many cool things you can do while high. And we are not talking about sports or activities that require a lot of effort. Whether you're among friends or smoking a blunt solo, there are excellent ways to enjoy your THC while doing something fun.

Why? Because you are not the type to sit and stare at the cat for hours and wonder what he thinks. No, you do like a bit of action when you are high. Need inspiration? Then quickly check this list of cool activities!

Smoke tricks. How many have you got the hang of?

Of course, it is nice to take a toke or rip. But there are also a lot of smoke tricks that you can do. The following list of tricks is good for hours of fun. There is really an unlimited number of smoking tricks, but here is a shortlist.

Roll one up and try these tricks. And remember: the more you practice, the better your smoke tricks will become.

Blowing O's


Ghost Inhale

The atomic bomb


Bull ring

Smoke bubble


French Inhale


Watch this amazing vape trick compilation...

Writing while you are high.

Writing while high is a bit controversial. Does it work? Does the consumption of cannabis really make you more creative? Or does it actually cause a writer's block?

Creativity and cannabis

Creativity in a changed state of mind is not exactly new. Many artists and also writers and actors are known to use cannabis - to take the edge off and feel a little freer.

There is no real evidence that you become a better writer by using cannabis. It depends on the individual. Creativity is hard to scale up in an objective sense, but it is certainly worth trying to boost your writing skills with the help of cannabis. Weed can cause your inhibitions to disappear and that the words flow to the paper faster.

Why don't you try writing a poem the next time you're high? That would be nice as a starter to see if your creativity is fueled by THC or not. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece right away, just test it and see what you are capable of.

Happy writing, and happy toking!

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What is your favorite activity when you are stoned? Tell, tell! leave a comment below