Stashing cannabis is undoubtedly a pain among many potheads. This is so because not so many inexpensive containers can contain the smell or even hide these smokable herbs.

This leads us to see how best we can contain the smell of grass, hide it as we carry it around, or even protect the air from getting in and out of the bag or container. The best way to necessitate all that is by using a smell-proof bag or container.

What are smell-proof bags?

Now that a myriad of states allows the consumption of medical, recreational, or both types of cannabis, that doesn't mean that ganja enthusiasts should be careless in the way they carry their goodies around. We should always have stellar ways in place to store and carry around our favorite cannabis strain.

It is proper weed etiquette to be a proud stoner, but that one who doesn't need to be loud.

By definition, smell-proof cannabis storage bags, containers, and cases referred to bags and containers meant explicitly for reducing or eliminating the odor of weed so that it may be transported hassle-freely.

Necessarily, this hiding of the odor makes it possible for those who pass through strict laws surrounding the consumption of cannabis to forge ahead without any cause for alarm. Secondly, one won't have to meet the stigmatization that would come through from friends and some family members who oppose the consumption of cannabis.

How smell-proof cannabis bags and containers work

The whole idea behind the manufacturing of these discreet smell-proof containers is trapping, masking, or even blocking cannabis aroma.

The materials often used in making these bags comprise nylon and craft papers. You may find different styles have been used in manufacturing these.

The most common these days are smell-proof backpacks, shoulder bags, pulses, and more. Under most circumstances, these smell-proof bags work well typically because there is the usage of waterproof materials in manufacturing them.

Also, the containers and bags have moisture retention prompts and the ability to lock them.

Factors to consider when buying the best smell-proof bags and containers

Size and the design

Your taste and preference come in handy here. For instance, you may select from the different colors present and the exact shape of how you want your smell-proof bag and container to look.

Size also depends. If you would like to carry around high amounts of pot and its corresponding accessories, then buying a small size will be inconvenient for you.

Secondly, the design of the bag should be in such a way that it has other pockets if you would like to carry the consumption equipment safely.


You undoubtedly wouldn't like to buy a container or a bag that will serve you for a couple of months and get damaged.

The materials used in manufacturing that bag should be tailored in such a way that it will offer the right definition for durability.

Technology used

High chances are that you will buy your smell-proof bag or container online. You may be sure to read the description of that product entirely.

The best smell-proof bag should be made using carbon technology. This will help in the sense that there are the absorption and the filtration of weed odors; thus, no smell will escape.

Secondly, a thick material should be used in manufacturing the product. When compared to a thin fabric, you will undoubtedly agree that the chances of having a leaked smell in thick are far much lesser as compared to the usage of a thin one.


The phrase cheap is expensive may correctly apply here. You will not expect the cost of a smell-proof bag or container that is made of thick material and has been made using carbon technology to cost the same way with an ordinary opaque, plastic bag.


You will not expect anyone to snoop through your container or bag. That said, it will help big time if you select a product that supports the usage of a lock. 

What to carry inside the bag

You won’t be carrying a single strain of pot in the bag only. That said, you may choose a bag that will help in avoiding the mixing of odors inside the bag or container and prevent the consumption equipment from colliding with each other.

With those factors in mind, it will be easy for us to focus on.

The best odor-proof bags and containers

How much do you love our skunk strains? Well, you can be sure to use this smell-proof bag for carrying around your pot and the consumption equipment of your choice.

The manufacturers have adopted the double Velcro enclosure system to make it secure. There is also the usage of activated carbon technology to trap air inside and avoid grass odors from escaping.

This odor-proof container is made in such a way that it keeps the contents fresh using the in-built humidity pack.

It uses airtight seal locks technology to make the customer store their goods in the best form while ensuring that the smells and scents do not leak.

This 100% smell-proof backpack incorporates the usage of activated carbon and a double zipper seal. The straps are adjustable as they come with mesh pockets to enable the user to conveniently and comfortably carry their pot well.

This seamlessly designed water-resistant backpack comes with a combo lock. The interior comes with a smell-proof anti-smeller interior to prevent odors and aromas from escaping.

This smell-proof aluminum container comes with a metal threaded screw top to keep the stash jar tightly sealed.

It is designed in a stylish cylindrical shape to give it a stunning look and perfectly fits on the palm. You benefit from not only the smell-proof nature of this container but also its ability to keep the contents safe, thanks to the opaque, black material used in manufacturing it.

Pros of smell-proof cannabis bags and containers

  • Different sizes. There is something for everyone. What amounts of pot do you want to transport? Well, there can't lack a bag or container in store for you.

  • Good design. These bags and containers offer elegance. This is so true, especially with the backpacks made in such a way that they appear like the normal laptop backpack.

  • Some smell-proof bags have cushioning inside to prevent the pot consumption apparatus from getting damaged as the stoner moves around.

What are your favorite bags and containers to stash your buds smell-proof and safe?

Disclaimer: This content is meant for educational purposes only. It has been compiled with research from external sources. it is not meant to substitute any medical or legal advice. Please see your local laws for the legality of cannabis use.