A Thai stick is essentially a blunt stick made entirely of marijuana. There is no cigarette rolling paper involved to make one, just cannabis buds. Thai sticks were first made in the 1960s, by putting marijuana on a skewer and then dipping it in opium.

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Modern Thai Sticks

While the modern Thai stick is not covered or dipped in opium, it follows the same process of making one. Nowadays, Thai sticks are basically marijuana buds that are skewered on a stick (which is later removed) and wrapped in marijuana leaves. Because the whole blunt is made of cannabis, it only burns about an inch per minute, which means you get a whole lot for your money.


Traditional Thai Sticks, photocredits: HighTimes

How do you make a Thai stick joint?

Here is a step-by-step guide to making a monster of a Thai stick:

First find your least dense weed buds. These are the easiest to compress for your end product.

Take your stick (bamboo skewers are great) and sprinkle it with roasting oil or sugar water to make it a little more sticky.

Tie the buds to your cane by pressing it on the stick and wrapping it with hemp cord. The buds should stay firmly on the string without being too tight.

Leave your Thai stick in the fridge for a couple days. We recommend wrapping it in parchment paper so it won't stick to your fridge. And then comes the worst part: the waiting, but it's definitely worth it!

So, after a few days, unwrap the hemp cord from your stick. Your buds should now stay on the hive, without the hemp. Apply cannabis leaves around the stick - these essentially replace the smoke paper. Wrap the leaves around the blunt spots over and over again, generously adding sugar water or roasting oil to keep the whole thing together.

Plan Ahead

Put the stick back in the fridge for another day and after that wrap it with more leaves. The goal is to have two or three layers of leaves. To finish your Thai stick takes for about a week or so. So, if you have a special event planned and want to lit your selfmade Thai stick, you better plan ahead!

Wrap your Thai stick again in parchment paper and heat it on a plate or in pan for a few seconds so the leaves get sealed. When the bar has heated for a few minutes, you need to wrap it back with hemp cord and after that put it back in the refrigerator again.

Then once you've completed all steps successfully, your Thai stick can be smoked. Some people put it in a paper bag underground for a week or so, or vacuum it. This process gives the stick its typical taste.

Don't forget to remove the stick and cord before you lit your stick. It takes quite long to make it, but smoking your selfmade Thai stick is a unique experience and definitely worth the wait. Enjoy!

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