Moon Rocks

If you haven't heard of moon rocks yet, it's about time! I'm talking about cannabis moon rocks, not to be confused with pure MDMA crystals that are also referred to as moon rocks. Moon rocks have been dubbed the caviar of cannabis.

catch my drift

Moon rocks are nuggets of marijuana (usually from the strain Girl Scout Cookies) dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief. Everything about a moon rock just makes sense. Think about it, whenever you have something simple like strawberry and you dip it in chocolate and then add some whipped cream on top then all of a sudden it's decadent and luxurious. To add even more perspective to it- smoking moon rocks give off the same sense as taking the first sip of champagne with gold flakes floating around the glass. I think you catch my drift by now. Moon rocks will take you to a new high.

Moon rocks look like something from another planet. These green nugs have a mossy outer appearance and if you break them open you can see the different layers of goodness. The beautiful bud center is protected by a shield of pure cannabis pollen. It doesn't get much better than this.

The overall potency in these cannabis gems depends on the strengths and synergies of the ingredients. Normally moon rocks have about 50% THC. This is very high considering your average strain of weed only has about 17%-30% THC. Depending on the strains used and the terpenes inside the strains, each moon rock will have various effects as the synergies among the cannabis bud, hash oil, and kief come together. Your tolerance will also impact how moon rocks affect you.

The exact origins of the moon rock are difficult to track down, however many people believe it was rapper turned cannabis entrepreneur Kurupt as the creator. This L.A. based artist and businessman have his very own trademarked line of moon rocks named "Kurupt's Moonrock." On his company's website, it claims that he, along with rapper Dr. Zodiak, invented moon rocks.

By now you probably can't wait to get your hands on a moon rock. For some of you lucky folks out there, it's as easy as going to your local dispensary and buying a couple of nugs. For the rest of us, there is still hope to get moon rocks as they are pretty simple to make.

It's really very simple

What you will need is kief, hash oil, nice dense cannabis nugs, tweezers, a sift, and a pastry brush or dropper. First, off you should sift your kief to make sure it's nice and powdery. Next, hold one of your cannabis nugs with the tweezers and using a pastry brush or dropper, cover the nug with a nice coat of hash oil. Be sure to completely cover the nug; you want it to be sticky but not dripping wet. Now you can roll your bud around in the kief to get a nice solid coat. Finally, you can put it aside for drying and move on to the next one. There you have it. It's really very simple to make something so awesome!

Now that you have your very own moon rocks you might be wondering how you're actually supposed to smoke them. For the best experience smoke moon rocks in a clean hash bowl, pipe, bong, or bubbler. By all means, do not use a grinder to break up the moon rock. The kief around the moon rock is precious so you can use a sharp knife if you want to break it up. Some people prefer to chop it up and roll it in a joint. Here's a tip: use a hemp wick to light your bowl or bong to prevent butane from a lighter from tainting the wonderful taste of the moon rock.

If you're looking to take on a whole new level of high then moon rocks are the way to go. Once you fire up one of these nuggets then you'll be on a rocket on your way into space. So heed caution if you are a light smoker with a low tolerance.