Most cannabis lovers also know to appreciate an alcoholic cocktail or mocktail. So wouldn't it be nice to incorporate your favorite plant in it? Why not make a cannabis-enriched cocktail! Sound like fun, right? That is why we are going to make a mojito, one of the most famous and most popular mix drinks in the world.

A marijuana mojito is not only very tasty but also very original. It is a great, creative twist, based on an existing classic. And there are enough reasons to make a delicious marijuana mojito. Maybe because you want to get high, but you don't want to smoke or vape. Or maybe you have something special to celebrate? But you can also drink a mojito because you are just thirsty! Read on, you'll enjoy your delicious, stimulating, homemade marijuana mojito in no time.

Mojito from Cuba

mojito from cuba

You can drink a mojito all year round. It does not necessarily have to be a warm summer day, but a sunny vibe does contribute to the experience. And if you add marijuana, it will be a very special mix drink and the sun will only shine brighter! It is assumed that mojito comes from Cuba. But not everybody agrees on how and where the drink exactly originated. And who made the mojito for the first time is also not known.

One of the legends tells that a group of traders and explorers sailed to Havana (the capital of Cuba). The crew on board became ill and received the mojito recipe from the local population. They recovered quickly, probably thanks to the fresh lime juice that contains a lot of vitamin C. A legend was born! Now the mojito is drunk because it is simply tasty and refreshing. And as said, by adding marijuana we make it even more special.

Another story is that the mojito comes from slaves which had to work on the cane sugar plantations of Cuba. They drank pure cane sugar juice, guarapo, an ingredient in a mojito. There is also a story about Ernest Hemingway. It seems that he often drank mojitos too. The mojito is one of the most appreciated cocktails in the world. The mocktail, a cocktail without alcohol, is also delicious. And now that we are adding marijuana, the popularity of the mojito could only increase. So let's get started!

How to make a marijuana mojito

First, find all the ingredients. This is what you need for a marijuana mojito:

  • Rum (1 bottle)
  • Marijuana (3 grams)
  • 1 lime
  • Crushed ice cream
  • Sparkling water
  • 2 scoops of cane sugar
  • Fresh mint

Now we come to the fun part, the actual making of the marijuana mojito. Ready for it? Let's get to it...

As you probably know, CBD and THC are not active in raw cannabis. The effects will only take effect when the heating has taken place. As a result, other compounds arise, CBDA becomes CBD, and TCHA becomes THC. This process is called decarboxylation. For this, place crumbled weed tops on a baking sheet and place in the oven, set to 100 degrees for one hour.

When you have done that we will make a kind of teabag, only with marijuana. Find a pantyhose and cut it off at the ankle. Put the weed in and close it at the top. Now you hang this 'tea bag' in the rum for a few days. 3 days is fine. The longer you let it infuse, the stronger the effect. Once the rum is ready, put the sugar in a tall glass, along with the lime and mint, and crush the whole. Add the crushed ice. And then the rum. And the sparkling water. And there you have it: your homemade, delicious marijuana mojito!