Did you know that plants are influenced by the phases of the moon? If you know how to use this, it can make a big difference to your plants. In this article, we explain how the position of the moon and the phases that the moon goes through influences your plants, so read on and take advantage of it.

It makes sense to assume that your grow lights or the sun are the most important to your plants in terms of light. The amount of light indeed influences how much your harvest will look like. But there are more points of light than the sun or grow lights. In the past, horticulturists also looked at the moon, but that has now faded into the background. However, it can improve your harvest and by 'reading' the moon your plant can have a significant benefit. The moon can influence a better harvest, better seed germination and it can bring your plants into a better growth rhythm. Enough good reasons to read on!

The Moon

the moon

When it comes to the moon to make your plants grow better, the correct timing is very important. It's all about the phases of the moon. As you know, the moon revolves around the earth. And the earth revolves around the sun. As a result, the position of the moon relative to the earth is always different. Because of this the moon is never the same and we see the moon in the night sometimes partly and sometimes completely full, depending on what time it is. These different phases are called decreasing and growing. There is a growing moon in the phase of the gibbous moon, rising moon, the first quarter moon, and the new moon. Are these terms new to you? No problem, we will tell you everything about it. Welcome to the moon!

The moon affects marijuana