Just like older generations, the millennial generation has also experienced many changes. Activism in the field of marijuana has led to legalization taking on ever-larger forms. Cannabis laws are being amended in all sorts of areas. The history of marijuana has always been very moving and dynamic with all sorts of new twists and turns, but the biggest breakthroughs in legalization can be attributed to the millennial generation. Millennials are known for not having any stigma against the use of cannabis and legalization. And by the way, many of them work in the cannabis industry and fulfill jobs ranging from dispensary employee, researcher, cultivator, marketing specialist, and cannapreneur.

Who are the millennials?

Millennials or Generation Y follow Generation X. It is the people who became adults around the turn of the century. However, there is no precise definition. Millennials grew up in a world that was always online and on-demand. They have always had the internet. There has not been a generation so far that has received so much marketing attention. They are also involved with social networks and are also characterized by a great deal of self-assurance, partly because they have always been told to pursue their dreams. Although this generation is likely to be worse off economically than their parents, millennials are very positive. They have a very liberal attitude and are positive about differences.

Weed versus alcohol