You've probably heard of wine and cheese pairings, but you may not know about the inexplicable beauty of having weed and wine together. It may surprise you to know that cannabis and wine actually pair incredibly well. This is due to a variety of things within each substance, though namely terpenes molecules responsible for aroma and taste.

Weed and wine have a lot in common, specifically with regard to their scent and taste. Wine tastes derive from a nearly enchanted mixture of sugars, yeasts, terpenes, pyrazines, thiols, lactones, and lots of other strangely-named substances - Botrytis cinereal is one of these. Botrytis cinereal is a mould that is commonly found in grapes, and, as the name definitely does not suggest, is actually key in the gorgeous, honied flavour found in Tokaji grapes, if you aren't familiar with anything to do with wine, these are one of the many grape varieties used to create it.

Terpenes over a hundred

As I have already mentioned, wine and cannabis share a common chemical class of substances termed terpenes. Terpenes give things their flavour and smell, such as the fruity flavour of the strain Blueberry Haze, or the floral notch in a nice Sauvignon Blanc.

In fact, terpenes are so abundant that over one hundred have been found in weed, and fifty in wine.

In reading this article, you may have put two and two together and realised that cannabis and wine actually share some of the same aromas, namely; floral, spicy, earthy, herbal and fruity. Of course, there are lots of other scents, though I believe anything else would simply be a subtype of one I have already mentioned.

Fermenting buds

Ideas to do with wine and cannabis don't stop here either. In fact, in California, there is currently cannabis-infused wine being produced and sold on a commercial basis. The recipe goes a little bit like this: add some dry buds to fermenting must and allow the wine and cannabis to ferment for a few months together and, well, that's it really. Who says you can't try it at home?

There really are a crazy number of different strains of weed and flavors of wine out there, and so it really is a given that if you try and test hard enough, you will find a perfect pairing to complement your favourite strain or wine. Hopefully this article as peaked your curiosity on the matter, and it won't be long before you too are a cannabis/wine connoisseur.

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