Sex! Now that I have your attention, let's talk about it!

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Sexing marijuana plants, of course, what sex did you think I was referring to?

If you're wondering why on Earth would it concern a grower whether or not their plant is male or female, I'm here to tell you that it matters, it matters a whole sweet lot.

A little fact everyone should know is, that only female cannabis flowers turn into that dank, sticky, bud we all love. On the other hand, nobody wants male plant because they are practically useless unless you want seeds. I must also add that a male in your crop amongst females can single-handedly ruin your whole crop of females by pollinating them -sort of, kind of like all real-life males tend to do. If a female plant gets pollinated, she will no longer focus her energy on growing flowers, but will instead start to produce seeds. So, as soon as you've determined that you've got a horny male plant, yank it out and get rid of it!...


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I remember back in the day when weed was weed and you didn't bother anyone with questions of whether the weed you're smoking is a sativa, indica, or hybrid. Not that I wouldn't have found it interesting, but all I knew was toking on a joint made me feel some type of way. Usually a pretty awesome positive kind of way.

Now that I am more cultured, however, super sophisticated, and dynamically dynamite, I like to know the details of my smoke like a fine connoisseur. Also, I don't have all the time I had before to be smoking any 'ol kind of weed and end up being eaten by the couch; unable (or unwilling) to move. As some of you may recognize, like I've learned as well, that effect happens to be just one of the little side effects of an indica.

You see? Knowledge is power, and rising up the ladder of smoking-expertise, I found I can and I have to manage my type of marijuana like I manage my time. Sativa for during the day when I need to be on the move; indica at night when I want to be so relaxed that I couldn't care less if the couch was eating me alive (you should see my couch, its like a cloud to an angel)....


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I was recently asked for tips of the trade concerning russet mites. Russet mites stunt the plant, the leaves become brownish yellow and droop while the mites suck the resin out of the maturing flowers. Apparently we're not the only ones that enjoy a good bud. Before I posted my own personal opinion I wanted to do some research. Eating dinner and scouting the web for info, I nearly lost my appetite seeing close-up photos of these buggers. They're white, tiny, squirmy, maggoty-looking, and nauseating. You don't want them scouring your plants; they are voracious and nasty. Not to mention that you might have to kiss your crop goodbye if they infest it. They're often misdiagnosed for rust or nutrient deficiency because of their microscopic size.

Because they are so infectious, if your neighbor has it, most likely you will also. They can travel by wind,on seeds, dried bud, clothes, nearly anything. They eat new growth and trichomes (nerd for the resin glands), so it's one of the worst pest a grower can come across. Because they are so small, you might see damage already done before seeing them. If you notice leaf edges curling up and a light yellowish powder on the infected parts, then you may have reason to worry.

Like with anything terrible you want to avoid: prevention is key. Inspect your plants frequently; and if you bring in new plants, quarantine them first to prevent any spreading. Contaminated potting soil that carry female mites or eggs can as well cause an outbreak. Also, consider using a preventative foliar spray regularly. Some of the safeguards and treatments used on spider mites can apply to russet mites. When treating your plants look to see if damage has stopped. Remove all the damaged stems, leaves, or even the entire plant. Discard them in such a way that will not cause spreading of the mites or eggs like in a sealed garbage bag....

There's no better feeling then getting a cappuccino and a fresh bag

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There's no better feeling then getting a cappuccino and a fresh bag, sitting in the coffee shop, basking in ganja glory.

Does weed go bad?

I can't imagine any good pot smoker having the question in their mind of “does weed ever go bad?” Because, after all, who just has some old weed laying around going to waste? You smoke it till it's gone, right? But under certain circumstances you may have found an old baggy of weed somewhere in your closet hiding from the time your parents came to visit....


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Because of the news conference last Friday held by Marion County prosecutor Terry Curry and IMPD chief Rick Hite, the First Church of Cannabis will have to proceed their inaugural day without the use of their *cough cough* ...divine sacrament ;-)
The church members were warned that arrests will be made if people had marijuana with them.

The conference was held to assert that marijuana is an illegal drug, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act does not create protection from prosecution just because it’s under the pretense of religious practice.

“Possession of marijuana is a crime in Indiana and there is no exception for where marijuana is possessed,” IMPD Chief Rick Hite declared. “Anyone who attends this or any other event and brings marijuana will potentially be subject to arrest or summons and criminal charges. If someone gives marijuana to another individual, that is a crime of dealing marijuana and also subject to arrest or summons and criminal charges.”...