lady killer bug

As a cannabis grower, you may have to deal with many hassles. For example, your plants can suffer from insects and other annoying little bugs. Obviously, you want to protect your valuable plants against these intruders, but you prefer not to use heavy pesticides. Fortunately, there are often biological solutions available that are a lot friendlier to your plant and the environment. For example, you can fight spider mites with ladybugs, did you know that? If not, then you know now! Have you ever met spider mites in your grow room? Hopefully not, but if you do, you need to take action quickly. The use of ladybugs is a clever idea then because although they look so nice and sweet, they are just small predators. So read on and learn all about it.

If you have spider mites on your plants, you will soon notice this. You can see it by small spots on your leaves and if you look a little better then you discover that leaf tissue has disappeared. At a more advanced stage, webs will appear between your leaves and stems and the growth of your plant can also be disturbed. Increasingly more webs will be created with small red and/or black bugs, these are the spider mites.

Fighting spider mites

There are several ways to get rid of spider mites. You can spray your plants with a chemical solvent, but that is ultimately not good for your plant, and it is also not good for the environment. There is also a solution that does not burden the environment and your plant, and that is just as simple. Spider mites are fairly easy to get under control, but you have to act quickly or before you know it, your entire growing room will be full of dirty webs. Spider mites multiply very quickly. See, since you want to consume the flower tops of your plants, it is actually not very logical to spray a chemical pesticide on them, right? It is better to use a biological solution. Otherwise, you would also consume harmful substances yourself. A biological solution that also preserves the quality of your marijuana is the only effective way to remove spider mites from your growing space. It not only ensures that the quality of your buds is preserved, but it also does not affect the smell and color of your plants, as pesticides often do. So, there are more than enough reasons to choose a biological method to combat spider mites and other insects that make your plants sick.


Ladybirds are found in many places in the world. They may look slightly different and sometimes they are called differently, depending on where you live. Sometimes they are also referred to as dotted bugs or capes. They are red, yellow, or orange and have dots on their shields. The small wings of the insects are under those shields. The beauty of these ladybugs is that they are very hungry and especially love spider mites and aphids. But they also eat the larvae of moths and even small insects that are soft enough. Ladybugs have been used to curb pests in gardens for a few hundred years. They are known in all parts of the world for eating aphids and other insects. In the past, it was even believed that ladybugs were sent by God to save the harvest. In many countries, stories circulate about the power of ladybugs.

Anyone who grows outdoors would do well to have ladybugs in their garden. The small predators also eat pollen, and they like to eat insects and larvae. For example, if you put sunflowers or chamomile in your garden in addition to marijuana plants, that is a good way to attract ladybugs. If it is not possible to attract a population, you can also buy a population of ladybugs online and release them into your garden. It may sound strange, but this really is an effective way. A population of ladybugs in your garden can do wonders for your cannabis plants.