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White cannabis strains

Welcome to our white cannabis strains category. First, the name has nothing to do with the color of the seeds. White cannabis strains got their name because their buds are covered with shiny white THC resin crystals. We are talking about the most potent genetics, the AMS fan-favorite marijuana seeds. Enjoy the best AMS offers with these fantastic white weed strains.

Bianca Feminized Seeds

Bianca Feminized Seeds

  • THC level: 23% and up
  • Yield: Average Yield
  • Effect: Relaxed, Sleepy

(US) $ 59

420 Carat Feminized Marijuana Seeds

420 Carat Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  • THC level: 21 - 23%
  • Yield: Extreme Yield
  • Effect: Euphoric, Pain Relief

(US) $ 75

About White seeds

Cannabis seeds have enjoyed an enormously deep reveal in their characteristics and nature. Across the world, seed breeders and scientists have continued researching ways to create the perfect seed for the perfect purpose. Seeds rich in THC, those rich in CBD, a variety of the best cannabinoids and terpenes, and a combination of all characteristics in their various part measure have been curated and shared with the public. white

Every spring, we get to see and indulge in some new strain, variant, or type, and this is courtesy of the efforts of seed banks and their researchers/breeders like Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds leads the way in innovation amongst Cannabis seed breeders and seed banks. Our supreme seed genetics and approach to seed development are evident in our White Cannabis variants that have been curated for more than 25th years.

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, our breeder-oriented approach to cannabis cultivation has been the guiding principle behind the high-quality genetics of our seed groups. We apply proven technology to our seed genetic engineering that guarantees a 100% success rate in producing quality Cannabis seeds.

Our white strains meet even the most stringent of requirements. Unlike what you would find with common seeds, ours are rich in THC, produce very dense, resin-rich buds, and are true to their genes.

What are White cannabis strains?

White weed strains are preferred for their potency, rich in THC, and produce flowers full of resinous buds, a grower's delight. The marijuana plants with their buds covered with shiny white THC crystals are the product of a long study, decades of experience, and years of selective breeding, with the best modern cultivating techniques. Our professional seed breeders produce white genetics for all our happy customers, who desire, appreciate, and enjoy their unique properties, euphoric high, and high THC level.

seed anatomy

Don't confuse a white strain with an inferior white seed!

Contrary to some beliefs, the white seeds are not a genetic defect or the product of highly specialized crossbreeding techniques; they just inferior and without value.

It is normal that with a new seed harvest, there are also some failed, immature seeds; it remains a natural product. Therefore, all seeds are manually checked and selected one by one before they are finally approved and packed to wait for your order in a climate-controlled environment.

Difference between white and dark Seeds

There is no doubt about it, the difference between the white seeds and, on the other hand, dark or tan seeds. Healthy cannabis seeds have a brown shell, and for many new to cannabis, a white seed may spell defects or a lack of seed maturity. The color of the seeds is very light brown to almost black; some have tiger-like stripes. They come in all sizes, from really small to some bigger ones; generally, the size doesn’t matter. To give you an indication, they vary from the size of a tomato seed to almost the size of a green pea. However, all seeds offered here at AMS are entirely healthy and will develop naturally, offering bountiful harvests, if grown in the right conditions.

The white strain embodies the depths of successful research at developing the perfect seed strain for the high THC lover.

There are many ways the white seed differs from the black, and we have enumerated a few for you below:

  • Colour: They stand out because of their pale white appearance.
  • Size: Ass the good ones; they come in all sizes.
  • Weight: They weigh less because It's shelling with no living content.

If you blow softly over a batch of seeds, they get blown away.

  • Soft Shell: Compared to dark healthy seeds, they have a soft outer shell.

Squeeze between your fingers, and they will pop.

Most popular White cannabis strains

There are plenty of white strain variants with unique properties and features; the old-school White Widow is mine and many’s favorites. Breeders worldwide agree that the white widow is not an unknown strain and is the master of all white strains and the parent genetics for many modern white strains. We at AMS often use White Widow and White Widow XTRM to achieve the best crossbreeding results.

White widow is an Indica dominant hybrid strain, a unique strain known for its uplifting high and euphoric/spicy flavor. The white widow cannabis seeds are THC rich (averaging above 22% THC levels), fully stabilized cannabis seeds, making it a very potent strain. They provide a unique profile, perfect for crossbreeding, producing some of the most potent medical cannabis strains that are fully stabilized and potent for all forms of ailments, including chronic conditions.

But the white widow is not alone.

Other honorary white strains include:

Can I buy White strains online?

Yes! At AMS, we offer white cannabis varieties and many other marijuana seeds for sale online to prospective buyers. Our deep catalog of curated, top-quality cannabis seeds was developed to meet every demand. If you do not find what you want, contact us on our website, and we will get back to you asap.

We are constantly adding new strains and variants, so check our website regularly for updates.

How to buy White cannabis strains

Because of the white strains' popularity, there are many seed banks and individual breeders selling and promoting substandard white genetics. Often, the white strains do not produce the ideal performance as advertised, or in a worst-case scenario, nothing at all.

To ensure you get the best value for your money, buy only from reputable breeders, seed banks, and seed sources like us. There is no reason not to choose Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds as your preferred cannabis seed supplier. We have a proven track record of quality seed delivery; even better, our buying processes are streamlined and hassle-free. In three simple steps, you have made your purchase of quality white cannabis seeds, and we will have them delivered to you in many places of the world (terms apply) in a matter of days

Buying white weed strains is an easy breezy affair, but you must take special caution to conduct a background check on the seller you patronize. Buy only from reliable sellers with proven track records of quality and firm delivery; Now, you've just described us!

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, we offer white cannabis autoflowering seeds (white widow auto) and feminized white cannabis seed variants for all lovers of the cannabis plant. Our online storefront is open 24/7 to take your order, and we deliver discreetly.

Buying Cannabis Seeds has never been made easier than what we offer at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. Besides the large catalog of our seed bank, we have made buying your preferred pot seed a breezy affair.

  1. Visit our website
  2. Choose your preferred buds from the array of seed variants
  3. Checkout

Shipping White cannabis seeds to the USA

Growers around the world are particularly trusting our brand. This is not a sentimental affection but one born out of over 25 years of commitment to providing the best cannabis seeds for our new and returning customers.

We are one of the world’s leading cannabis seed banks, and we offer a variety of cannabis seeds to clients around the world. Our seeds are expertly curated and their quality rise above common strain types, standing out from all desires and growing expectations.

We sell only the best white cannabis genetics, with high THC, we deliver discreetly right to your doorstep in the USA, AU, and Canada among other parts of the world.