Indica Dominant White Cannabis Strains typically grow quickly and have a higher yield than Sativa varieties. Indica Dominant White Cannabis Strains tend to contain higher CBD and lower THC content compared to Sativa Dominant strains. Indicas are more associated with full-body effects such as deep relaxation.

Some cannabis seeds that are Indica-dominant include Ice Cream Cake, White Queen, Big Bud Auto, Rainbow Kush, and all the strains you can find below.

Why Choose Indica-Dominant Seeds?

Indica-dominant seeds are easier to cultivate. These strains flower faster, are more resistant to colder temperatures, and tend to be shorter in height, making them ideal for indoor growing.

Obtaining maximum yields of quality buds comes easier with these strains. If you don’t want a couch lock effect, these indicas will provide the right mix of Indica and Sativa effects, to provide the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for full-body relaxation, while still getting a head high and some energy, these seeds are a good solution!