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Borderliner XTRM ® Feminized

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Thc level Up to 25 %
Indica / Sativa Indica 50% | Sativa 50%
Climate Indoor / Outdoor
Yield indoor Up to 750 gram / 26.5 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor Up to 900 gram / 31.7 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 100 cm / 39.4 inch
Height outdoor Up to 250 cm / 98.4 inch
Flowering time 7 To 9 weeks
Harvest month October
Grow difficulty Easy / Moderate

Product info

Borderliner XTRM Feminized is one of our best selling weed seeds since it’s introduction in 2013. That year Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ connoisseur of the finest weed strains, Daan Brinkers, passed away at a very high age. Mr. Brinkers kept the Brazilian Borderliner strain secret for years. Before he passed, he decided to share his precious Borderliner strain with us and with you. 

Crazy powerful high Borderliner strain

Borderline weed is (in)famous for the crazy powerful effects. We will tell you all about it later. At the same time, Borderliner XTRM Feminized is beloved for the classic flavor. This indica dominant hybrid is sweet, earthy and spicy with typical herbal flavors. The family of the Borderliner strain is unknown, although Borderliner XTRM is most likely a member of the Brazilian Amazonian family.

Borderliner strain: product of Brazil

Let’s tell the story of Daan Brinkers. On a sunny day in April more than 30 years ago, Mr. Brinkers, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ star buyer, searched the Brazilian rainforests for a special kind of marijuana. He heard a story about the Amoramius tribe, a tribe with the same love for marijuana as Mr. Brinkers. A tribe that was breeding a particular specie: the Borderline strain.

Secret breeding Borderliner XTRM Feminized

There was one problem; the tribe that bred Borderline strain was untraceable for years. By pure coincidence and tips from locals in that area, Mr. Brinkers got to meet this people. At first they were hesitant regarding this peculiar man. But when the Amoramius heard about his intentions, the atmosphere became warm and loving. That night, Mr. Brinkers smoked Borderliner strain for the first time.

Classic and tasteful Borderline weed

Smoking Borderliner strain is something different, as Mr. Brinkers experienced. And we can confirm that. When using Borderliner extreme you will be absolutely knocked out. You will be completely oblivious to anything happening around you. The Borderliner strain is so extraordinary: once you try it, you do not want anything else besides this delicious fruity and extreme cannabis strain.

High quality seeds for the best price

Of course, ‘you do not want anything else’ is hyperbolic, because at AMS we have lots of products to offer. From the Borderliner strain and Cheese (hemp cheese and Cheese weed) to Big Bud, White Widow, Afghan and more. We sell over 100 different kinds of weed seeds, high quality and affordable, and other products. Before you order your Borderliner strain, check out the rest of AMS.

A strain with foggy bliss

You can tell the Borderliner XTRM high is powerful. It starts with a rush, launching your mind into the clouds and a fuzzy happiness. Soon you will be lost in your thoughts, so high you can’t focus on anything else. The heavy bodies buzz kicks in, leaving you beyond couch-locked. The Borderliner strain is no joke; perfect for experienced users with a THC-level of 25% and higher.  

Exclusive Borderline strain at AMS

After a delightful evening of smoking Borderliner strain, Mr. Brinkers and the tribe came to an agreement. In exchange for secrecy, our connoisseur was allowed to take the Borderliner XTRM to the Netherlands. On the last day of his life, Mr. Brinkers asked Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) if we would share Borderline weed with the world. How can we say no to Borderliner XTRM?

The legacy of Daan Brinkers

Allegedly Daan Brinkers died while smoking the very best weed in history, his own beloved Borderliner strain. Sadly, since our supply is limited, not everyone will be able to enjoy this Borderliner extreme marijuana strain. So buy the seeds quickly, as long as this Borderliner strain is in stock. New supplies of the Borderliner strain will be following soon.

Worldwide shipping weed seeds AMS

AMS guarantees worldwide shipping: borders do not bind us. We ship from Amsterdam straight to Europe, Australia and the USA. We guarantee delivery, if your precious Borderliner extreme seeds do not reach your doorstep, we make sure they will. The seeds are packed in a stealth and discrete envelope, so nobody knows what’s inside.

Above average buds

Borderliner strain has a large volume, because of the fat buds and big yields. The harvests are above average with 700 grams per square meter indoors and outdoors it can be about 900 grams. Borderliner XTRM Feminized is extremely fast flowering with thick stems and big buds of excellent quality. 

Tips for growing Borderliner strain

Borderline weed is easy to grow. Maybe if you just started, you can use a little help. It’s normal to have questions about breeding Borderliner strain. What are the best harvest months? How long is the flowering time? Do you need advice about growing your Borderliner strain? Check out our Marijuana Grow Guide. Follow the directions and growing Borderline weed will be a breeze.

Questions about Borderliner XTRM?

Did you know the Amoramius tribe, before Daan Brinkers, had never been in touch with the outside world? They lived on nuts, small insects and love for marijuana. As we mentioned before, the THC-level of Borderliner strain is way above average. You can smoke some of the Borderliner strain as medicine too. Is there anything unclear about your new favorite strain? You can contact us at all times.

AMS aims to be the best seed bank

Our priority is to be the best supplier of weed seeds. Our second goal is to make you satisfied as a customer, grower and of course a happy smoker. AMS is here for you, to help you with our expertise and enthusiasm. We are always happy to hear from our customers on the independent review website Kiyoh: “Always great strains” and “Fast delivery” are customers’ comments we hear often. 

Borderliner strain: a lifetime experience

Order your Borderliner strain now online at AMS and experience your own ascension with this special and powerful strain all the way from Brazil. One final tip for the select group of users: be careful with the Borderliner strain. You are guaranteed to go out of your mind!

More than 120 strains

Our assortment weed seeds is growing every day. At the moment we sell over 120 strains, like Cappuccino 420 Feminized and Rainbow Kush.


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