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Bob Marley Feminized

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Thc level Up to 20 %
Indica / Sativa Indica 30% | Sativa 70%
Climate Outdoor
Yield indoor Up to 350 gram / 12.3 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor Up to 425 gram / 15 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 120 cm / 47.2 inch
Height outdoor Up to 300 cm / 118.1 inch
Flowering time 12 To 16 weeks
Harvest month September / November
Grow difficulty Moderate / Expert

Product info

Take a trip to Jamaica! Bob Marley the icon of cannabis is here. Smooth and chilly high very tall plant with leggy branches and small but very potent buds. Yield can be high if grown outdoors in warm climate.

``When I get high of the sativa I love to listen to the relaxing music of Bob Marley R.I.P.`` Wisdom Weed vs Babylon. Bob Marley calls it the healing of the nation cause the wisdom weed gives so much inspiration. The herb growing from creation should be legalized without hesitation. Searching for a positive vibration the Rastafarians will fight for decriminalization. Because Rasta’s use the ganja for meditation while praying for salvation. Praying to sustain Babylon indoctrination and to see the meaning of the Book of Revelation. ``Sinsemilla used for Rasta’s concentration just to get a higher education. Babylon must stop this senseless operation and stop spreading false information.``

Bob Marley is a indica/sativa hybrid with a great sweet taste. This is a strain that have to be in your collection. Rastafari 2004 Ras Lionheart


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