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Blue Dream XTRM ® Feminized

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Thc level Up to 21 %
Indica / Sativa Indica 20% | Sativa 80%
Climate Indoor
Yield indoor Up to 500 gram / 17.6 ounces per sq meter
Yield outdoor Up to 700 gram / 24.7 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 120 cm / 47.2 inch
Height outdoor Up to 170 cm / 66.9 inch
Flowering time 9 To 11 weeks
Harvest month September / October
Grow difficulty Moderate

Product info

The legend is here! Blue Dream weed, the most popular strain in the USA, is now available at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS). The Blue Dream strain is a cross between Blueberry sativa and Jack. The intense fruity smell and deep dark taste are characteristic of this strain. We offer the best Blue Dream seeds available. Developed by our top breeders with a THC level of 24%, it offers a perfectly balanced head and body high.

Great balance of indica and sativa

Smoke Blue Dream haze and enjoy the best of both worlds: the relaxed feeling of indica and a tingling sensation in the brain due to the sativa. The ratio is 20% indica and 80% sativa. Though the percentage of indica is relatively small, the indica effect in this popular plant is big. Why not order some seeds and grow it yourself? We guarantee that Blue Dream kush is pure euphoria. 

Grow the best Blue Dream strain

Order Blue Dream seeds now. You can shop for them online at AMS and receive your package worldwide within 14 working days. It’s not a promise, it’s a guarantee. We work with registered mail to ensure that you’ll receive your seeds so you can start growing that Blue Dream weed. The package is free of marijuana-related content to keep your order nice and anonymous. Nobody will know that you’ll soon be smoking your own peace pipe with some legendary Blue Dream cannabis.

‘A heavy dose of euphoria’

One of our customers endorses the euphoria of Blue Dream strain: “An absolute legend that lately seems to be going up in the shuffle of all of the new powerhouses that are popping up. Blue Dream marijuana still stands tall amongst the big boys. Never have I found such a perfectly balanced head and body high. A heavy dose of euphoria and contentment sets in, but the high still remains functional.”

What does Blue Dream kush taste like?

Blue Dream cannabis is the best tasting weed on the planet. The smell of it is amazing: a very strong blueberry aroma. The taste is similar, but a little more subdued. The high of Blue Dream pot is top notch. The uplifting sativa effects mix with a calm relaxation, making this strain one of the best. In short, the sweet and fresh berry taste of Blue Dream strain is phenomenal!

It’s our 20th anniversary

In order to grow high-quality weed, you need the best Blue Dream seeds. We can help you with that. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds stands for excellence: the best products, affordable weed seeds, and great customer service. For more than twenty years, we have selected, developed and sold weed seeds. We offer more than 120 different marijuana seeds; Blue Dream weed is one of our classics. 

By AMS developed Blue Dream strain

Last year we introduced ten new strains to the market. Our master breeders love to experience, develop and share our new found treasures with you. From descendants of White Widow or Kush, or some pure strains from Africa or the Himalaya, as long as they’re excellent, like Blue Dream weed. Man, isn’t AMS the candy store among seed banks? 

Use fertilizer and increase yield

Did you know you that you can increase the yield of Blue Dream weed just by using fertilizer? Using marijuana fertilizer can help to harvest up to 30% more buds. The basic chemical elements that our fertilizer contains are needed for growth, root formation and to develop a strong plant. Fertilizer comes on top of the right growing conditions. Try it and harvest Blue Dream cannabis of excellent quality. 

Smoke Blue Dream haze medically

Medically, Blue Dream weed is effective against anxiety, depression, and stress. It’s also used for pain relief and nausea. Of course, there are more strains that have impact on conditions like these but Blue Dream marijuana does a great job. If you have a chance to try this strain, just do it! Order some Blue Dream seeds and grow your own medicine. You won’t be disappointed. 

How to grow cannabis seeds?

Let us know if you need help growing Blue Dream cannabis. If you’re completely new to growing, we would love to explain to you how to germinate, which grow conditions are necessary and how to harvest your Blue Dream pot. Also, if you’re a master in breeding but some things are unclear, we are here for you too. Fill out the contact form or email us, we will respond within 24 hours.

The popular Blue Dream marijuana

Now you can start growing your own Blue Dream kush. This high-quality strain is a must in every grower's collection. Based on searches in the USA, Blue Dream seeds had the most searches on Google in 2014. Most dispensaries in the States have Blue Dream on their menu. No wonder, with Blue Dream haze you know you’ll get a great yield and an amazing plant.

Sativa: smoke during daytime

Blue Dream kush can be smoked best during the daytime. The body stone is mild and boosts creativity. The Blue Dream strain has up to 24% THC, you’ll find it within its trichomes. Did you know that you can get an idea of the quality of your plant by the way it looks? Trichomes say a lot about your beloved Blue Dream cannabis, read about it on our blog. 

Buy Blue Dream seeds online

Order seeds now and start enjoying your Blue Dream marijuana plants. AMS offers fine quality and affordable seeds. And have you seen our gifts? With every seed order over €100 (ex shipping) you make, you can get seeds for free. We also offer lots of discounts, of up to 50%. Sign up for our newsletter and stay up-to-date. But first things first: order some of these seeds for your own Blue Dream strain. That’s a good thing to start with!

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