Bonbon d'Amour means love candy in French and that's just what this is: a natural aphrodisiac. A few puffs will leave you aroused and ready for lovemaking!

Bonbon D'amour Feminized Seeds

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THC Level 23% and up
Indica / Sativa 30% / 70%
Yield 800+ gr / plant
Height Tall
Flowering Time 7 - 9 weeks
Effects Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifting
Flavor Fruity, Peppery, Sweet, Tropical

Bonbon d’Amour is a French word that refers to love candies- It is a natural aphrodisiac. The Bonbon d’Amour strain guarantees a thrilling lovemaking experience. Sweet, right?

So if you have disappointed your woman in the past, worry no more, because Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds got your back. You just need to take a few puffs and you are ready for a steamy love-making session.

Our AMS Seed Lab has created the Bonbon d’Amour weed strain by crossing Mangolicious with Light of Jah to form a Sativa dominant strain. Women are capable of leaving you aroused and so does this feminized marijuana.

The feminized seeds come with euphoric, uplifting, and energetic effects. The strain is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica.

Characteristics of Bonbon Strain

At this point, you must be excited about the energy that comes with the strain, but before that, you need to understand the characteristics discussed below:

THC Levels

The Bonbon D'Amour strain has a THC level of 20-30%, a good percentage, enough to last you longer in bed. By the way, excellent performance in the bedroom raises your self-esteem, reduces stress, and gives you a good sleep. This is more like hitting three birds using one stone.


You can grow our Bonbon d’Amour strain indoors or outdoors. The plants produce many buds, thanks to the big bud genetics of Mangolicious. This translates to undeniably many yields. The plant yields up to 725 grams per sq. meter in an indoor setting and up to 1200 grams sq. meter when grown outdoors.

Growth information

Bonbon d’Amour weed strain grows up to 100cm tall under greenhouse conditions and 260cm tall in an outdoor setting. Again, you realize there is a huge difference in the size and this is what creates the difference in the amount harvested.

The flowering time is also short, ranging between 7-9 weeks, both indoors and outdoors. Growing Bonbon strain is not difficult, you just need the right information. The buds are harvested in the month of September.

Parental Figures Effects

Light of Jah is a strain described with high potency levels and a fruity flavor. It is mainly Sativa (75%) and Indica (25%).

On the other hand, Mangolicious has a somewhat mango taste. It is mostly Indica (85%) and 15% Sativa. The cross of Mangolicious and Light of Jah forms the Bonbon d’Amour feminized strain.

The Bonbon d’Amour strain has a sweet flavor, tropical fruity, and peppery spicy. Such a great combination is made by experts to improve the sweetness of lovemaking.

It is important to remember that AMS offers feminized parents, so you do not have to worry about any male plant destroying the quality of the expected yields.

So, are you ready to buy the Bonbon d’Amour strain? We offer free worldwide shipping on every order.


Customer Reviews

Help old mate in qld Review by Disco (Posted on 1/22/2022)
Mate just put the seeds in between a few sheets of paper towel, the cheaper the better as is more corse. Keep in a dark place for 4-7 days and keep moist. Must not dry out, you may need a fan to keep cool around 22^. Let’s the first leave start before transplanting. I like the plant to be at least 5 cm before re planting. Yes done the bottles over the top before and just way way to hot. Mine are near 8 ft already and still haven’t started to bud
Good delivery growing a little difficult Review by Stuart (Posted on 12/12/2021)
Seeds arrived on time, tropical far north queensland, Australia, delivery good. Put first 10 of 20 into imported Canadian growing peat mix, and watered, regularly, nothing happened, still waiting. Then decided to read germination info at AMS (all else fails read the instructions) 3 seeds of 10 soaked over night in demineralised water, and the 3 sprouted in between paper sheets, put sprouts in Canadian potting mix and placed plastic covers over each sprout, (cut off transparent plastic soda bottles) after two days they all died I think it was too hot for them even though the potting mix remained moist, so of 20 seeds now have 7 left. New plan is to perfect the germination / potting mix technique with low grade Aussie bush seeds and once that technique mastered then try using last 7 . The problem I have is the gigantic leaf munching critters where I live, hence the cut bottle protectors which got too hot me thinks.
Still have the first 10 in potting mix, will try fishing them out and give overnight soak to inspire them to germinate. Process not quite as easy as I first imagined, more practice required.
got a bonbon seed from a friend it was great .now i am ordering seeds for next grow Review by matthew (Posted on 11/14/2021)
great company to deal with
Growing outside in Queensland Australia Review by Brad (Posted on 10/31/2021)
Still growing germinated easy and growing strong can’t wait to try it out
I really don't like it. Review by Jeremy (Posted on 10/7/2021)
Doesn't smoke well. Nasty flavor. Bad couch lock body high.
Crazy aroma and taste Review by Satanic Bliss (Posted on 8/17/2021)
The smell is out of this world ! Be cautious though to keep the humidity levels really low at flowering stage. And make sure you have a fan blowing the flowers 24/7 . I almost ruins the whole grow after I got some fungi in between the buds . The quality is top shelf 100%
Bouquet of Buds Review by Joyce (Posted on 8/15/2021)
She has a wonderful sweet flavor, with an energetic happy head high, and is a good expectorant. She grew a very nice bouquet of dense buds, in a medium-sized compact plant. This is the third plant from one order all have germinated and been very similar in taste, high, size, and quality.
Great Seeds Review by Jane (Posted on 1/3/2019)
Very nice. Returning customer I love this site. 100% germination rates continuously.
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