If you are a wake-n-bake kind of smoker or need a boost during the day then sativa strains are your best friend. This Sativa Combo Pack Auto-fem XL will produce buds that jumpstart creativity, provides an intense cerebral high, and give you focus and mental energy. Auto-fem plants can be harvested in as little as 10 weeks so you can get your buzz on sooner rather than later.

10x New York Turbo Diesel Auto-fem Seeds
10x Green Crack Auto-fem Seeds
10x Purple Power Auto-fem Seeds

Sativa Autoflowering Combo Xl

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New York Turbo Diesel auto-fem

This strain is famous for its exotic ripe red grape smell and taste. We have the New York TURBO Diesel, this is the 2.0 version of the original. The result of this selection is a higher yield, without losing his powerful exotic qualities. It is more potent, better resistant to bugs and pests, and greater yield.

Green Crack auto-feminized

Green Crack is a strain you just have to smoke. The thrilling Green Crack will turn the laziest goof-off into a powerful battery with its energetic effect and extraordinary mango aroma. Whether you need a smoke after a rough day, just want to take a puff or if you want to turn the daily grind into a bliss: Green Crack is what you're looking for.

Purple Power auto-feminized

This powerhouse is a very stable plant that even grows in climates with pretty colder conditions. Purple Power, the stuff of legends. This very pretty plant has a big secret. Purple Power triggers creativity unlike any other marijuana plant. Used by many great artists all over the world.

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