Cream of the Crop Sale - Buy 10 seeds of a strain on sale and get 10 seeds of that same strain for free - 10 strains on sale - offer valid until August 9th midnight GMT - SHOP NOW

Cream of the Crop Sale - Buy 10 seeds of a strain on sale and get 10 seeds of that same strain for free - 10 strains on sale - offer valid until August 9th midnight GMT - SHOP NOW

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Are you a marijuana fan? Do you love AMS? We have put a team of designers to work to create the most original marijuana merchandise for you! Order now and become one of the lucky few with an original Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds t-shirt!

Choose from an array of cannabis merchandise

Everyone has their tastes and preference. So do we. You can be lost of choices as you try to figure out the best hemp merchandise that can go in unison with your preference. However, after spending a few minutes if not an hour, you will undoubtedly come with something. Some of the top AMS t-shirts that you can be sure to pass check include:

1.   T-shirt illusion

It matters, not your body size when it comes to the T-shirt illusion from the Amsterdam marijuana seeds company. Its green color binds perfectly with the color of your grass indoors or outdoors, making it the real deal to wear. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the t-shirt as we work with only the best manufacturers to come up with clothes with the best material.

2.   T-shirt Amsterdam

Probably you have been thinking about getting a t-shirt branded in the title “Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds” and black in color. The best item of news you can hear today is that the T-shirt Amsterdam comes in exactly those specifications. Irrespective of your body size and weight, this hemp merchandise comes in different sizes, all meant to fit any of our customer’s bodies. As of the moment, you save some bucks with the ongoing price discounts while at the same time resting easy that the quality is at par, just like any other of our products.

3.   T-shirt route 420 black

Are you a 420 cannabis enthusiast? If yes, then we have your back with this black-in-color t-shirt for the same function. It is among the best according to most of our weed merchandise customers since it wearing it on April, 20th helps in embracing the marijuana culture. Would you be left behind from such a fantastic deal? Of course nope.

4.   T-shirt leaves woman black

Ladies, we have something in store specifically for you. You may need grass merchandise that goes in handy with your hubby's. If that’s the case, then this black t-shirt meant for women, and in all the sizes can come in handy a great deal with giving you an outstanding match. The color and marijuana icons are eye-enticing and typically the best outfit for your body.

I am looking for a sweater, can I get it?

You may have a t-shirt from us, yes, but you would like a sweater that matches perfectly with it. You could as well be looking for a marijuana seeds-related sweater from the big team. You can enjoy that your end of search should be today with our sweater hemp AMS. This hemp merchandise comes in different sizes and can be then real deal if your place experiences cold climatic conditions. We have inscribed the green AMS logo on the sweater to make it even stood out.

Get your merchandise hassle-freely

You don’t have to ruin your plans and come all the way to our Amsterdam Seeds Company office to collect your merchandise. We have embraced the tech culture to see to it that you can order your merchandise online and receive it within a reasonable period. We support a significant number of the safest payment options to ensure that you don't meet any difficulties in the quest to order a t-shirt or a sweater from us. Our flexible shipping terms tend to favor all of our customers, irrespective of where they are worldwide. 

Only the best weed merchandise

Quality, just like is the case with our wide array of marijuana seeds, is one of the critical factors to consider before you acquire your hemp merchandise. All our shirts are durable printed, guaranteed to enjoy for a very long time.The shirt feels wonderfully light and is very comfortable to wear because they're made of 100% high-quality organic cotton. Shirts sizes range from M to XXXL. Order your one and only original Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds t-shirt today for prompt deliveries!

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