White Widow Sale - 10+10 Free - Buy 10 White Widow seeds and get 10 Extra seeds of the same strain for free! - Shop Now

White Widow Sale - 10+10 Free - Buy 10 White Widow seeds and get 10 Extra seeds of the same strain for free! - Shop Now

Marijuana Fertilizers

Increase your harvest up to 30% with cannabis plant fertilizers. You can call yourself DR. Greenthumb, place your plants in full sun and give them plenty of water every day. Solely your love of gardening just won’t cut it. The soil in which you place your plants must be equipped with nutrients. This is a fundamental part of a good harvest.

You can hugely increase your yield by using proper nutrients. A study by Oregon State University shows that essential chemical elements are necessary for the growth, root formation and development of a vigorous plant. Our marijuana fertilizer is an excellent addition.

When correctly, can I start using cannabis fertilizers?

It is a rampant query among most beginner and veteran marijuana growers who over depend on organic cannabis nutrients. However, it is worth mentioning that three crucial factors have to be considered before deciding when to start using marijuana fertilizers on your plants, be they liquid or not. These factors comprise:

  1. The type of planted cannabis strain
  2. The phase of growth
  3. Your grow technique.

In the case of the type of planted cannabis strain, you find that some cannabis strains require high amounts of specific nutrients by the moment they reach a certain age. That said, subjecting them to lesser nutrients or excess may inhibit their optimum growth.

In the phase of growth, nutrients like Nitrogen play a critical role in the seedling stage. That said, you may need to reach out to Flower Power Fertilizers to help you in commencing using growth fertilizers. The same case applies to the vegetative and the flowering phases. Noting that can only prompt you to look for the best types of cannabis fertilizer and to use them on the onset of each period.

For example, you need skyrocketed amounts of nitrogen, medium amounts of phosphorus, and high amounts of potassium when the plant is in the vegetative phase. If, on the contrary, the plant is in the flowering phase, you need high amounts of potassium, and phosphorus, and relatively lower values of their nitrogen counterpart. Grow technique is a critical determinant in the sense that some methods like planting cannabis in soil may give them organic nutrients. 

Nonetheless, when it comes to other techniques like using hydroponics, using marijuana fertilizers at the very first time of cultivation is undebatable. If hydroponics is the way to go by, you may need to go for optimum NPK-rich fertilizers. This is so true going by the fact that there is no usage of soil in hydroponics.

What does team AMS advise about cannabis fertilizers? 

The excitement that comes after you buy marijuana seeds is unexplainable. However, you should note that there are dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind before starting the fertilizers journey. After following the feeding schedule to the latter, you should as well know when to stop using the fertilizers. Excessive use of nitrogen can cause nitrogen burns. Whenever you see signs of yellow leaves or when they appear like they are starting to burn, it is a clear sign that all isn’t well. We advise that whenever your cannabis plants seem to be overfed, you should flush them with pH neutral water provided it’s not near the flowering phase.

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