Purple Power is one of those strains that stoners just love. It is a cross between Dutch Dope and our famous Super Skunk. Our beloved master breeder Relaximo insisted on creating something more than a plant with white, orange, pink or reddish buds and ... Voila! Purple Power was born. Purple beauty in its purest form!

Purple Power Autoflowering Seeds

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THC Level 5 - 15%
Indica / Sativa 30% / 70%
Yield 550 - 800 gr / plant
Height Compact
Flowering Time 7 - 8 weeks
Climate Continental, Mediterranean, Temperate, Tropical
Effects Creative, Euphoric, Relaxed
Flavor Flowery, Skunky, Sweet

What are the effects of purple power autoflowering?

This beautiful plant has a great secret. Purple power unleashes creativity on stratospheric levels. You will feel the effects little by little and they will last for hours. It has a clear, uplifting high that can also make you feel relaxed, but not couchlock. You will not be lazy at all, so you can consume it during the day to get the most out of it. Up with the purple energy!

What does it taste like?

Purple power tastes exactly what you would expect from its scent: a fruity, tropical flavor with hints of sweetness. However, with deeper inhalations, you may notice a spicy undertone. This is in fact one of the best tasting Sativa strains.

Characteristics and Growing Information

After a few weeks of flowering, the buds turn purple. This beauty is also a very stable plant that even grows in climates with much colder conditions. We love recommending this strain to novice growers, as it is one of the easiest to grow.


Customer Reviews

Purple power Autoflower Review by Robin (Posted on 6/22/2022)
I'm right at the time to turn off my my lights for two Days I'm trying too give it a few more days
she looks great,such a pleasant smell I'm very happy!There a compact plant nice thick buds..... I'll write one more review in a week to give more details...
Purple power auto Review by Robin (Posted on 6/9/2022)
Im feel lucky that 2 of my 5 seeds took!Its been 2.months now and my better of the2 is flowering hard,but the other is twice the size but not flowering as good as the other!Nice alpha female
Purple power Review by Robin (Posted on 4/28/2022)
OK so far I'm a month in on these only 2 had germinated of the 5,got no complaints though at least the 2 are doing well!I'm a repeat customer and I love AMS and there seeds last batch of Carmalicious took off I did really good.
Amazing Review by Joseph Ready (Posted on 3/15/2022)
This plant lives up to every word .. just got my next batch in yesterday and I ordered them on 3/27 ; can't wait to get these bad girls going
Ciolness Review by ROBIN (Posted on 3/11/2022)
I can't wait purple power
A real pleasure to see such rapid growth. Review by Space Traffic (Posted on 11/20/2021)
My girls are 72 days old, flowering at Day 32. Despite freezing cold ''Spring" weather those girls have gone apeshit as far as bud production goes. Three have top buds so damned big and thick you could almost use them to defend yourself with like baseball bats (but 40cms tall). I figure I'll be smoking dried if not cured purple buds by Christmas. I have other AMS seeds on order but I'd consider Purple Power seeds again depending on how brain numbing I can make it (by leaving it in the ground until 50% trichs are reached). Very reliable seeds, great looking plant.
Love it Review by Joe ready (Posted on 11/14/2021)
Nice plant to grow love watching it changes to purple literally over night ,just don't know when I should harvest it , how long from sprout (auto )
Great Yield Review by MRW (Posted on 7/2/2021)
I've tried about 8 strains so far and this one by far has had the greatest yields and I start indoors early spring and move outdoors late spring. And the product itself scores high.
Never have grown autos its winter in Australia Review by Laz (Posted on 6/11/2021)
Please tell how and the best soil to use please.
Great! Review by Kevin (Posted on 8/21/2020)
Excellent product, securely delivered.
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