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Premium Line Cannabis Seeds

Oh, you fancy huh? ;) Well, you're about to be with our premium seeds! These are the Cadillac of Cannabis seeds. These strains have been bred with top genetics only. You can expect high yield, high THC, and strong, resistant plants. No matter what you're looking for, you can't go wrong with these premium cannabis seeds.

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7 Results

7 Results

All seeds are equal, but some are more EQUAL than others!

The Premium line of cannabis seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are in a class of their own. Carefully curated by one of the world’s most renowned cannabis breeding masters, the range of seed strains that form our premium line are not only potent with a firm, live hit but are also very delicious, high yielding, and stabilized.

Our premium quality seeds are available in either Sativa-dominant hybrids or Indica-dominant hybrid strains. You’d find that the high THC levels strains are a whole new vibe. They are usually uplifting and bursting with energy.  

Buy Premium Cannabis Seeds

Ever wonder why some cannabis strains are considered top tier – top of the range if we might say? Well, the secret is in the breeding. It takes more than just collecting strains and mixing them, trying to find the right outcome. It’s a craft that demands the best of expertise and an inner flair that not many possess.

Premium breeders know how to hit the right mix of potency, terpene flavor, strength, and yield that is demanded from premium lines the world over. 

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS), we have both landrace and curated varieties of premium cannabis seeds. Buy our premium cannabis seeds and we will deliver directly to your doorstep. We have premium seeds for sale in the USA and we also deliver to many more countries worldwide.

What are Premium Cannabis Seeds?

Premium line seeds are hybrid seed categories with stellar qualities. The seed range are a mix of both Indica and Sativa strains of regular, feminized or the auto flowering variants, and they are usually a product of years of research and multiple crossings. 

To achieve the cardinal properties of a high premium seed strain, breeders must obtain the best male and female strains that would offer premium high yields, the best effects, faster growth and sturdy plants, all for the best price. Finding the right cross mix, no doubt, is a daunting task but the breeders at AMS have over the years proven that they possess the mettle to create the perfect high. 

How AMS selects Premium Cannabis Seeds

Our expert breeders achieve a premium mix that creates a new premium line of curated cannabis seeds by collecting the best male and female cannabis strains, then fertilizing them to give rise to more viable plants. The process is a stepped process, starting with the parent plants.

We cross these one and they in turn give rise to a new breed which we would call the F1 generation. In turn, we take the best from male and female from the F1 generation to create a new breed of super plants which would now be called the F2 generation.

We then take from the best of the F2 generation, repeat the process to create the F3 which hold a greater potency, more sturdiness and higher yield with a rich flavor that its predecessors. The process is repeated to create the F4 and the same to create the F5 which is where we are at now at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

Our range of premium cannabis seeds are a sturdy fifth generation line of perfected premium seed strains that gives not only the best value for money, but a satisfaction that is beyond this world. And because the entire serious, time-consuming, and immersive task is done in-house, we are able to constantly improve the batch to ensure that these seed lines deliver only the best experience at all times.

Premium Seeds and THC Levels

Our premium seeds are selected for their first-class germinal performance and particularly high yields, high-level resistance, adaptability, and strong potency.

All our Premium Cannabis Seeds possess a first-class genetic disposition. And as have been mentioned above, our seeds are products of the expert refinement and enhancement of existing breeds to achieve a stellar master-breed.

Due to the nature of breeding, most Premium seeds have very high THC content levels, usually above 20% THC content level range. Seeds in this category are applicable for both recreational and medical uses but caution should be exercised for first time users.

First time users of cannabis for any purpose are advised to always start small and with strains of lower potency then work their way up. The stronger potency nature of premium seeds can create psychotropic reactions which can be a little too heavy and disruptive for first time users.

At AMS, we have an assortment of premium cannabis seeds to suit all taste. We presently carry over 40 different seeds in our catalog and are able to serve all categories of clients from personal pot farmers to commercial grade farms. 

To clear the confusion on the specifics of strain strength, potency and yield, we have created a seed table to help you navigate through the rigors of the process.

Difference between Premium Cannabis Seeds and Other seeds

Why is it premium if it isn’t any different from the bunch?

Premium seeds are a world apart from regular seeds. And for the reasons outlined below and more, you should consider buying premium cannabis seeds from AMS.

  1. Premium seeds possess a higher, more refined genetic profile than the others. They are the cream of the class in any variant they are found. They possess the most outstanding qualities and are able to offer the best value for money on all metrics of consideration.

  2. They are highly resilient and sturdy. While there are landrace varieties that are sturdy and resilient, not all are able to match the full combination of sturdiness, resilience and potency that the premium seeds possess.

  3. They have higher yields. Premium seeds were curated for one purpose and that’s to develop a seed range that is able to produce a high yield per square foot of space without losing potency, resilience and strength. Premium seeds check all the boxes for these points and more.

  4. They are always usually higher in THC levels. While you would find other strains with a variation in THC and CBD levels, premium cannabis seeds are almost always in the higher ranges for THC levels. 

Popular Premium Cannabis Seeds

Our premium cannabis seeds are carefully and painstakingly developed to offer the best value. This process is time consuming, and demanding of the utmost expertise and creativity. As such, we are only able to produce a handful of strains at the moment. 

However, all our strains have passed the most rigorous of vetting processes and guaranteed to offer the best experience as a plant on the farm, and as an herb in a blunt.

Some the most popular premium seeds that we carry include:

Premium seeds for sale in USA and worldwide

Looking to buy premium cannabis seeds? At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, we offer premium cannabis seeds for sale online to customers in the USA and in many other countries all over the world. We are the leading providers of premium cannabis seeds the world over and we are able to offer the best premium cannabis seeds for the best prices to buyers in the USA with shipping directly to your front door.

Buy premium seeds online in the USA and get it delivered to you at your doorstep. We offer delivery to the USA in less than 3 weeks from day of purchase (subject to availability). Our shipping is discreet; you wouldn’t at first glance know what the content is about.

If you are worried about privacy, we accept cryptocurrency payments as an anonymous payment option.

Premium Cannabis Seeds Q&A

Can I order premium cannabis seeds online?

Absolutely yes! We accept online orders from buyers around the world. To make the process seamless, we developed a 3 step order workflow to ease the burden of getting your premium cannabis seeds.

To buy premium cannabis seeds from AMS, just follow the outlined process.

  1. Visit our website

  2. Choose your preferred buds from the array of seed variants 

  3. Checkout. 

You see, easy! Once done, you can be sure that your seeds would arrive at your doorstep in a few business days, depending on your location and local mailing schedules.

Do you ship discreetly?

Yes, our shipping policy is 100% discreetly

Because our clients are our most prized assets and we continue to prioritize their satisfaction in all that we do. For our clients we have adopted a 3 step order process, for them we accept anonymous payment options and also ship discreetly.

In fact, when you receive your package of premium quality seeds, you would be amazed at how discreetly packed it is. The seeds are first packed in sealed nylon zipper bags, wrapped in a foil of brown paper and finally packed in a box.

The box has no markings detailing that it is in anyways weed or cannabis seeds but would clearly show that the parcel is from AMS and delivered with love. 

Are Premium seeds for Beginners Friendly?

Of course they are but, as a rule of thumb, we recommend that you start out with other normal strains first, and when you get a hang of cannabis farming and all its nuances, you can now scale up to more professional seed strains and farming practices.

If you are new to Cannabis farming and require information on the best seed strains for you, we have done a piece for beginners to guide you.